Thanks for Making the 24 Hour Charity Gaming Challenge a Success

A Call to Gamers

While admittedly most of it is a hazy and drowsy blur at this point, I’m still incredibly proud of the readers and staff of Horrible Night. Thanks to all of you, A Call to Gamers was able to raise $1,000 for Child’s Play during the 24 Hour Charity Gaming Challenge. That total well exceeded our initial estimates to a ridiculous degree. You are all amazing for helping us not only raise the money, but in getting the word out about both Child’s Play and the kick off to A Call to Gamers.

You will see a lot of collaboration between A Call to Gamers and Horrible Night in the future. If you’d like to stay involved with ACTGamers, I advise that you sign up for the newsletter on and check out my recent post about the future of the site. This is just the grand beginning friends.

As for the #24HCGC event itself, it was incredible. When I told Josh Lee I wanted to stream video games for 24 hours, I expected bad audio and one video feed in some dude’s living room. If you were able to catch our livestream, I think you can agree we did a little bit more than that. Better? Well, you can be the judge as all 24 hours are up on Have no fear though, we will be pulling together bitesized highlights from the event later this month.

Before I return you to our regularly scheduled horrible content, I wanted to thank a few groups that made the event and formation of ACTGamers possible:

Thanks again everyone.
Now who wants to play Horde mode? :)

-Justin Lacey
EIC of // Founder of A Call to Gamers

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  1. Ethan Moses

    I can honestly say that I could do this “24 hour marathon of gaming for a good cause thing” every month. So much fun and now I have even more friends to have punch, cookies or both with!

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