Study shows that gamer behavior may cause violence; not video games

A study published in USA Today says we should study gamer behavior and not the video games when discerning higher levels of violence.

First, a sigh of relief

Oh hallelujah! It’s about freaking time that a study has been done to measure a person’s behavioral traits when gaming rather than the games themselves. As gamers are aware of there has yet to be definitive evidence that video games are secretly training or molding us into killers. There’s been greater speculation now more than ever since video games are becoming more realistic, graphic, vulgar and even more popular.

A quick review of the study

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On a serious note, isn’t it time we start looking at the players behind the games for some answers? Some highlights of the study include:

  • Patrick Markey found slight increases in hostility for those with certain personality traits: extremely high on neuroticism and extremely low on agreeableness and conscientiousness.
  • The study he co-wrote in the journal¬†Review of General Psychology was based on responses from 118 participants collected in 2009; half played violent video games and half played non-violent games.
  • “It appears that competition in games is what may influence aggression, not the violent content,” says lead author Paul Adachi.

There are many more details, but the underlying theme to some of the discovery comes down to offline behavior and influences. A very interesting theory was made as well:

Gorelick, who appeared on the panel about video game research, suggests that some people with excessive video game habits will meet the criteria for having a behavioral addiction.

Could this be applied to just about anything in gaming? Have you seen the report? The comments are yours below!

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  1. H21

    It is definitely a breath of fresh air considering the standard news that comes out about violence in video games.

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