Are adult gamers weird?

The Today Show took an opportunity to give a thoughtful commentary on adult gamers only to troll the thought on national television. That may be harsh, but if someone said some of the stuff they did in comments we, as a community, would likely point our fingers in disgust and proclaim, “Trolls!”

A video was captured and posted on GameSetWatch. The question posed was, “Do you think it’s okay for men to play video games in their 30s and over?”

Without missing a beat, Kathie Lee Gifford, easily the oldest of the group quickly stated, “No. That’s weird. Xbox.”

Not that I really care what KLG thinks. I am disappointed the question was posed in an obviously one-sided forum.

Adult gamers, at least with this audience, are now viewed as weird. Forget these stats provided by this report:

  • 72% of American households play computer or video games.
  • The average age of gamer is 37 – with 53% being 18-49 years old.
  • 29% of gamers are over the age of 50.
  • 42% of gamers are female. This means a good number are over 30.
  • 41 is the average age of game purchaser.

I guess, with these stats, the real question is: Are the adults in 28% of the households in America actually the weird ones not conforming to the “norm” of gaming?

3 Comments Are adult gamers weird?

  1. Dorwrath

    Gaming has always had that stigma that it’s a kids thing, even when the figures prove otherwise.

    I’m 40 and I still play games and I plan to keep playing until I cannot see to play.

    This also shows how out of touch people like Kathie Lee Gifford are with every day people.

    I don’t watch shows like that because they never show both sides of the story, which to me is bad journalism. Especially with gaming, the media comes across as extremely anti gaming and I always thought as a journalist you were supposed to be neutral or keep your own personal feelings on the subject out of it, unless it’s an opinion piece.

    It’s time they wake up and realize gaming is just a form of entertainment just like movies.

  2. Recon

    I think it all depends on the generation. I’m only 20, but I don’t see any problem with older gamers. Most of the gamers in their 30’s to 40’s grew up playing the Atari or Sega Genesis, so they got hooked on video games early on and just progressed with the times. I personally grew up with SNES, and as new games came out and graphics and gameplay mechanics progressed It was like watching the world change before my eyes. In my opinion as long as you can support your family and be a productive person, then why not be a gamer? My dad is in his 50’s and he plays Black Ops more than I do (he isn’t great, but still enjoys it lol), he still works and supports his family. So are older gamers weird? I don’t think so. Should more people join in on gaming? Yes, the more the merrier. Gaming doesn’t seem like its going anywhere but up, and it’s becoming a huge staple of society. Might as well jump on the bandwagon before it leaves town.

  3. Ethan Moses

    Weird is a word that can no longer be used to describe people, because frankly we all do really weird stuff. Looking at the basic idea of humans as animals, the things we do on a daily base (such as singing by ourselves in the shower without a potential mate in proximity or even marriage since it limits our ability to spread our seed to multiple females) are weird based on what is normal for prolonging the life of a species. Finding the “run of the mill” qualities in humans is like finding the meaning of life as different perspectives and attitudes shape exactly what that entails.

    I feel bad for KLG because she’s at a point in her career where she is forced to incite conflict to get attention, which is a couple steps away from needing to do a sex video or appear on Celebrity Rehab

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