The Sims 3 console patch fixes freezing issue

On May 18, 2011, EA released a new patch for console versions of the Sims 3. For months, gamers complained to EA through various mediums such as forums and received very little promising feedback that the issue would be or even could be addressed.

Sims 3 Console Patch

For months, the solution to the bug seemed a lot like this...

The game-breaking bug rendered saved games useless and came without warning. Gamers had no idea when or if the bug would occur, but when it happened the game file would become corrupt and you could no longer save your game. If you copied the file it was like copying the problem so you could not get around it, and you would be forced to restart or play knowing you could never save it.

The most recent console patch not only addresses this issue, but you can continue playing with those same problematic save files. Gamers will be happy to know they don’t have to restart their games anymore and can continue with their troubled sims.

The small, but loyal, Sims 3 community worked with EA to get a solution put in place. It was great to see the company respond.

7 Comments The Sims 3 console patch fixes freezing issue

  1. Impress

    The patch didn’t fix it for me sadly, I still have constant freezes during saves. Really sucks and I am very bitter at EA now.

  2. BigGoalieDan

    The freezing issue hit me hard today. It used to happen now and then when loading between city lots and home lots now I can’t even get into my game.
    I remembered all too late why I stopped playing the Sims to begin with and why I had refused to buy any EA game after I gave up. I’ve run out of games that interest me. Perhaps it’s time to sell the console. Thanks so much for stealing my money EA. Never EVER again.

  3. Becca

    I bought the game, and it messed up after about 2 months. According to what I can piece together from posts across the internet, it should have downloaded the patch to fix that glitch the first time I played it. So, either it didn’t download the patch or the patch is useless.

    I want my money back. I want EA to somehow be forced to recall this obviously defective product.

  4. Tiffany

    I just received The Sims 3 for Xbox 360 as a Christmas gift. Its been over a year since I had played the sims on my PC, since my computer went dead and I can’t afford to fix it anytime soon – what with bills and all that. The Sims is probably one of my favorite games of all time and I’ve been playing since the original. I’ve put a lot of time and money into the franchise. My mom decided that since I couldn’t play the PC version, she’d get me the console version, which is better than nothing. I was extremely excited to finally be able to play again – even if the console isn’t the same as PC. I’ve put a few days worth of play in, avoiding enabling cheats until I beat all challenges, earn all challenge rewards and all karma powers. That’s a fair bit of play. Now, suddenly my game behind to glitch. My baby remains in the basket on the floor, I’m stuck playing as the mother, no longer able to switch between my two characters and when I save it freezes.
    So, I decided to do some research and discovered that this is a glitch in nearly every console version. My game updated when I first put it in and that update was supposed to fix the glitch.
    Clearly, that’s bullshit.
    At this point in time I’m so frustrated – especially because I had spent all that time playing without the money cheat – that I could snap my disc in half and not regret it.
    How about an update that actually WORKS? Huh, EA?
    How about a refund on money and time?
    I’ve already put well over $500 into this franchise over that last decade and I’m sure thousands – and more – have done the same. How about some acknowledgment and respect to those people that keep you in business and release a product that actually does what you say its going to do.
    If this problem isn’t fixed, I’m turning my back on this franchise for good. I’d gone over a year without it already, I can throw it out for good if necessary.

  5. Justin Gifford

    If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you’ll know my wife is as addicted to the franchise as you are. We don’t have the console version (although I bought it on the 3DS for her), but she’s had ongoing problems with the PC one (and the expansion packs) from the get go. Our computer is definitely powerful enough to handle it, but my understanding is that the series, no matter the platform, is just glitchy as hell. It’s unfortunate, because it seems that people who are fans of it love the crap out of it, but there are consistent technical issues. While I’m slightly more sympathetic to EA on the PC side of things, since there are a million different builds they have to contend with, that’s no excuse now that they have Origin to constantly patch the game…and it’s doubly damning that they turned out a game with technical issues for a console – it’s a known entity that’s consistent across the board. I’m sorry you lost all of that play time.

  6. Scotty

    I posted this on a related discussion. My wife has had the same issue. The first time it happened I didn’t know about the EA issue with the game. However, to me it was bevaing like a correpted game disk. I went out and got another (cheap on Amazon) and we were back in business!! I did take the old disk and gave it to a friend to try on his consol. It refused to work at all thus provingthe bad disk.

    Now, several months after buying the second game, the glitches have come back again. I’m convinced that the lasers of the disk drives are cooking the game disks. Maybe they are poor quality or maybe the lasers in the game consols are too strong. One thing is certain, I have not seen this concept for a root cause discussed yet.

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