L.A. Noire will have 3 discs for Xbox 360. Does that change things?

We knew L.A. Noire had the potential to be big, but now it’s looking like L.A. Noire will have 3 discs for Xbox 360 and 1 single disc for PS3. Will the 3 disc format hurt Rockstar’s chances at an epic game with great success?

L.A. Noire

Does size really matter?

An article by Kotaku gives a lot of detail as to what led to the decision for L.A. Noire to be shipped with 3 discs, but Twitter and comment feeds are blowing up dooming the game on Xbox 360 and claiming PS3 will be the way to go. I’m not so sure this is the really the case.

L.A. Noire was always going to be a massive game, from the size and detail of the world to the length of the cases, and of course, the sheer amount of MotionScan data required for the faces of over 400 actors in-game,” Jeronimo Barrera.

The game will essentially be the same on both consoles. We can all get that out of the way. The difference is the chosen delivery format. The PS3 obviously has an advantage to ship the game in Blu-Ray, but except for console-specific game perks that will be delivered the experience will be about the same.

The quandary on whether or not the Xbox 360 will fail because it’s on multiple discs is yet to be answered, but I have a feeling it will do all right if the game is great. Final Fantasy VII shipped on 3 discs. Are we really going to argue that multiple discs will threaten the very chances at success for this game? I doubt it.

There’s an argument that the gaming world needs to go digital. Similar to how Steam does it. The point we may be forgetting here is L.A. Noire barely fits on 1 Blu-Ray disc at 25 GB. Do you really want to download 25 GB of data to get to your hard drive? Unless you’re sitting on a pretty extensive data plan for your internet you may want to reconsider.

My opinion is that I have no problem with multiple discs for games if the game’s content and story warrant the need. Would I like to have it on one disc such as Blu-Ray? Sure, but I won’t be so quick to doom this game to extinction just because it happens to have multiple discs. When I do play the game, however, the game better deliver or else I will destroy it…verbally. I mean I did spend $60, and I’m not going to physically break it. I mean…c’mon.

Question: Does it bother you if a video game has multiple discs? Share in the comments below.

4 Comments L.A. Noire will have 3 discs for Xbox 360. Does that change things?

  1. IncreaseBlue

    Multiple discs aren’t a big deal, but at this point with our tech it’s just amazing that there’s something that can either meet or exceed the limits of a DVD or bluray disc. I’m just wondering if the resolutions will get toned down with 360 as opposed to PS3.

    I think having multiple discs will give a bit of nostalgia of the FF7 and Metal Gear Solid days. :)

  2. lefty

    Multiple discs for me will be no problem. And for any people who are annoyed, it is not that hard to put a new disc in your console. It takes 10 seconds and the fact that there are multiple discs shouldn’t make the game seem bad.

  3. Brandon

    like this one guy said I kinda like the multiple dics gives a false sense of getting more and also rrminds me of the old days of gran tourismo 2 and metal gear

  4. Ashley Nichols

    I really don’t mind if it has multiple disks. It’s a really great game.

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