Sex scenes in video games: WTF, MAN!?

I have to admit as an adult a good and sexy scene (and sexy parties) are all well and good, but it seems more and more lately they have been creeping into video games. My take on it? WTF, MAN!

I’m not even going to do the honors of displaying some sex scene from some game that I play (looking at you Dragon Age). What I will do is why do video games want to add sex scenes to their games? BioShock creator Ken Levine even questions if video games should include sex.

“I think it’s not about being interactive. I think it’s more about people not understanding what it is. If you think about the amount of, for example, nudity in a videogame… it’s not even nudity. It’s a puppet with its clothes off. There are other problems as well. It’s kind of silly in videogames right now, because – again – puppets with their clothes off.” – Ken Levine

I think the guy brings up a valid point. There’s something a little childish and awkward about a sex scene in video games. Most games for some time only implied the dirty deed by making the screen go black and you’d hear…sounds. Even then it was kind of weird. I mean, the voice actors probably finished with the cut, gave high fives and took a long cold shower (hopefully separate showers).

Now games are displaying the act in front of you. Sometimes the characters are naked. Sometimes the characters have underwear on which is just silly. Even still. These characters are often CG characters that just look weird doing it.

Now let’s put on a different situation. Let’s say you’re watching a movie like 300. Now that’s a good movie to watch, but in this movie there is a pretty (dare I say) entertaining sex scene. If my wife walks in and catches me watching the movie at this particular moment, she might say something like, “Watching 300 again?” I might say yes, and that would be the end of it.

Now if she walked in on one of the many different sex scenes in Dragon Age: Origins, Heavy Rain or Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. There might be a completely different discussion. Not because she is opposed to the idea of sex, but video game sex is just awkward, wrong and not to mention creepy as hell that someone coded it.

I may be in the minority here, but I won’t know for sure unless you let me know in the comments below. Let’s turn this into one “sexy” discussion.

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  1. Dorwrath

    I think it depends on the game. You don’t just throw a sex scene in there because you can. It should depend on who relationships in the game are developed, especially in RPGs where your character can develop relationships with other characters.

    I think a lot of the time they could get away with just a kiss in the bedroom and it pans away leaving the rest to your imagination. Then you can get on with the game

    Also I think it depends on the game. If it’s an 18 rated/Mature game then I don’t see why not as long as it fits with the plot and isn’t just thrown in there to sell the game.

    Thing is sex sells, advertise your game with a sex scene or two and you are going to get more sales.

  2. H21

    I can see what you’re saying. Sex certainly sells, but I’m a purist I guess. If it doesn’t fit the story or advance it…then why?

  3. Droll Wererat

    I’m confused. Does “sexy parties” in this article mean orgies?

  4. Wizardtrain187

    My only problem with sex scenes in games is the fact that I’m plagued by middle school frequency level boners and should I happen to be playing with a friend, that sex scene could cause some real issues.

  5. IncreaseBlue

    I do agree that videogame sex can be awkward to watch but if it furthers the story or character relationships like it did in (as much as I hate to say it) Heavy Rain or something like that then it works fine.

    And to be honest, sometimes you just expect a game to explore every explicit thing it possibly can just because it’s M-rated. Just look at Duke Nukem Forever and Grand Theft Auto 4. Look up Red Dead Redemption and ‘sex scene’ on Google; people were actually seeking out the sexual bits of the game since it was rated as such and Marston couldn’t bang any bar whores (“I’m a married man!”). And what if you couldn’t pick up hookers in GTA? Controller would be out the window and game would be traded in to the nearest game shop.

    Dorwath is right, sex does sell to a certain extent and for certain games it works. I appreciate it more so when it can advance a story though.

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