Your console version of Sims 3 will freeze…eventually

Console gamers rejoiced when Sims 3 made its way to the scene in October 2010. More and more console gamers, however, are starting to experience a file-corrupting bug that renders their games useless creating a larger and larger user base that wants answers from EA.

Updated: February 25, 2011 with a link to

Updated: May 19, 2011 – A recent title update has been added to console versions that is supposed to address the issue. We will make contact with those affected to confirm.

The Sims 3

Your Sims are about to experience Groundhog’s Day…forever.

In what feels like cruel and unusual punishment. There appears to be a bug that will destroy all your efforts in your Sims’ lives and is damaging enough to make you want to bang your head against the wall for days.

What is the bug?

When you save your game the screen will freeze. After 10 seconds you will notice your entire console is frozen. This has been confirmed for both Xbox 360 and PS3. When you load your game you can play as long as you want, but if the game attempts to auto-save or if you try to manually save the game will freeze. Some extreme cases report the game becoming completely broken and unplayable.

It is undetermined on what actually triggers the bug at this time. It seems EA (Electronic Arts) is about as in the dark as we are. It seems to ultimately hit when you’ve likely already put considerable time into the game.

What’s happening now

What you should know is news of this game-breaking bug is spreading like wildfire. Enraged gamers are posting in online forums for both consoles as well as EA demanding a patch to be made to not lose their hard-earned work.

The troubling news is it seems because EA is unsure on what is causing the problem they cannot give any real details to its very volatile community.

How has EA responded?

EA’s responses have been categorized into three responses:

  1. EA has suggested to check the game disc or console. Possible causes are clearing your cache, installing the game to the hard drive, deleting or moving the save files or restoring your gamer profile.
  2. EA “is aware” of the issue and is “looking into it.”
  3. Forum moderators and support have stated they “understand your frustration, as a gamer myself,” and will forward the problem to developers.

The community has heard one of these three responses for several months, and there hasn’t been any formal timeline on when to address the issue. Since paid DLC has become available before this has been patched or addressed, gamers have become increasingly angry.

What can you do

As always – save often. You don’t know when something could happen to damage your game.

If you want to contact EA, show your support for a patch or share your story check out these options:

  1. Visit the EA forums and let them know what you’ve experienced. Be detailed. Tell them what you’ve done, tried and expect from EA. Be as calm and descriptive as possible. It will likely get you a better response.
  2. There is an iPetition available for jilted gamers. Sign your name and share your story with like gamers. Share the petition everywhere.
  3. Share your story here! Comment below and let us know if you or someone you know has experienced the same issue.
  4. Share this story! Gamers like yourself may have experienced the same problems or should be informed. A patch comes when a problem is considered wide-scaled or affects the majority of users.
  5. There is a website dedicated to this problem with ways you can assist in informing and putting pressure on EA to fix the problem. was made by Mr XBob himself, and it’s a great place for information.

Electronic Arts is likely waiting to see if this has affected the majority of their Sims 3 gamers. Similar to an iPhone technical problem, a recall, patch or any update has to be proven to effect a strong user base.

The bottom line is to continue to report to EA the problem as well as sharing your story and findings to other gamers.

Have you experienced this bug? Share your story!

55 Comments Your console version of Sims 3 will freeze…eventually

  1. LuckiLola

    Just an FYI. I found the best way to remember to save often, at least for me, is to save after mid-night every night. Right after you get your karma points can signify its time to save. Haven’t had my Sims 3 freeze yet, thankfully. Good luck to everyone out there!

  2. Crowangell

    I’m in the same boat here as many, Ive been on to EA via phone and virtually.. fobbed off! told its my ps3, told to create a new user account on my ps3 (which would negate all trophies aquired etc etc.. ) And in the end racked up a whopping hour long call.. half that put on hold.
    I agree with the fact that they are releasing DLC when they should be looking internal at there existing problem with so many users who are also having this problem now.. I have lost my household i created since day 1 when game was released and been playing till earlier this week having been told to delete my data, which i did, Only to restart a new family only to get a few weeks in (SAVING EVERY MIDNIGHT) and thus once again my most recent save failed and lost all my days data i’d done (a day which had my daughter getting married in a well planned party and a birthday turning my sim into a elder)
    I’m sick to death of all this being cast aside and told there working on it when it truth it feels more like all that matters to them is the money they get from people not yet clued in to the problem and still buy the game.
    If this matter is patched, or recalled soon then I’m seriously tempted to just sell the game on, I have always loved the sims but this experience has well and truley leftme bitter and having deep resentment fo the Sims team and EA.

  3. H21

    Thanks for sharing. I agree. A lot of people are in the same boat as you. It seems to happen most around 10-12 weeks. I need to update this page to link to another site to learn more about the initiative to light a fire under EA to fix it.

  4. Crowangell

    UPDATE to above
    I have now had several communications to EA via pc/email and telephone, All resulting in yet more frustration and form filling and in one case requesting that i upload my game data to a Memory stick and then load the data to there servers for examination, This i’m unable to do having already been told t wipe all my data from the ps3 (including the not so visible files under DLC and update content files) folders.
    At the moment I am currently undergoing yet another attempt to break the 10 week margin that have yet to get past, A break down of my previous attempts are as follows if they match anyone elses..
    1st Attempt – (i think) week 10 – starting sims (that i began with) meeting there fates with grim reaper, instantly become a ghost(playable) with no interaction my end (confused on this as id read that you had to activate a grave stone/urn that i am unable to do) Dead sim continues on as normal just in white ghost form, attempt to save – save failed (crash/stuck on the save screen)
    2nd Attempt – approx week 9 – Starting sim (male) reaches elder stage, I had played this game a lot more frequent over the past few daysto try and catch up on what i had lost in the previous game, instead of starting two sims of unmarried i made them married to speed up the mating pocess, (this attempt would lead plausability on the playing for too long at one time theory) Gave save just slightly after sim’s elder birthday and daughters wedding party – save fail/crash etc
    Following this i got in touch with EA as mentioned before and initial conversation resulting in file deletion and basically a total ‘restart’ of my game (with exception of trophies already aquired)
    Current try – current week 6, saving every in game night (midnight) quit from game without saving on the 2nd midnight save (save 1st then exit and choose NO when prompted to save again before exit) so far so good but this is still unacceptable IF this does work as a means to play the game.. with week 10 approaching i shall update once i get that far again following the listed stratagy.. I only pray that EA get this and decide to set up a bloody patch before long or this game is definatly being considered for trade in bin.

  5. Gina Guillotine

    Hello! In my neverending quest to find a solution to this problem, I stumbled across your post, and wanted to share in your pain and anguish.

    My game is on an Xbox 360, I’m in week 38, I think, and can’t do a damn thing without the game crashing on a save.

    I’ve tried everything I’ve read about, too, like creating a new town/sim, then going to the Start menu, playing, and then saving the game in the new file.

    Or, saving every 10 minutes.

    Or, cleaning out the cache. This enabled me to save successfully ONCE, and only once.

    Or, deleting extra stuff from the inventory, including removing plants from the yard, and removing excess stuff like groceries from the fridge, and art from the walls, until the fire meter is green. This doesn’t work, and just makes for a terribly boring house and yard, and sims who aren’t satisfied living on bread and jam.

    I called EA. They want to see my save file, but don’t have a way to do that since it’s on a console, rather than a PC.

    the thing that annoys me is that I’ve found posts from last October and November. This is a problem EA has known about for MONTHS, and it doesn’t appear they are doing anything about it.

    The guy at EA told me not to play my oldest game, and just play the newest ones. Oh. Fine. Yeah. That’s a solution. What happens when those game files reach the 35th week? They’ll freeze, too.

    This is beyond frustrating.

  6. India Whitehead

    My game freezes every time I try to save. Nothing will work, and being told to delete my game? NO. You FIX my game, the whole point of The Sims is for them to have long lives and long generations worth of playing. Not deleting the family I have been with for so long. EA better fix this, or I will refuse to buy any other game associated with them new.

  7. Cool Showde

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  8. Stephen

    every now and again my game slows down and my xbox will make a strange beep sound sometimes it carries on and others it freezes the game and the console

  9. Oran

    3 families, all with the same results, getting to even as little as week 4 on one of them, and its freezes when i try to save it, i cant wait for the day EA bring out a game which actually works for more than a couple of days…

    on another note, to prevent it? there is nothing you can do, its a software glitch INSIDE the actual game, nothing to do with your console, or what you do in game, or how often you save, but i have heard that you normally get longer play time using your first created family.

    Until EA release a patch for this, i’m sorry to say, but your save will most likely be unplayable. Really though EA? this long and not even as much actual reasurance that your working on it? just the same 3 repsonses to everyone who has this issue, which is pretty much everyone who has bought you bug ridden game…*sigh*

  10. The Sims 3

    On May 17th, 2011 “The Sims 3 Title Update #1” was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The 14 MB patch solves the freezing / save game problem.

  11. Withered Rose

    Hello fellow gamers.
    Im on week 21 with my first family and it freezes when i try to save it.
    so i made another family they’re on week 14 and i got on it today and eveything was missing from my sims inventory, all the ownership deeds and all the perfect fish and plants and books EVERYTHING!!
    If they dont ix it im never buying another EA game again.

  12. Charlie

    You should be the leader of the Sims 3 frustration crowd. Literally ,cause you say what you feel calm and affective! I’m also sick of this happening!!! I got the game for Christmas and I was like FORGET YOU SIMS 2!!!! What happens? Get to week 23 on my first family and the tragedy of the century happens in the gamer world!!!! I’m starting to wonder if these EA guys even care. The worst thing is even if they do release a patch i won’t be able to get it , i don’t have Xbox live. This sucks. I wonder what screw up these EA guys will make in Sims 4….. if anybody buys it with this mess.

  13. Charlie

    Isn’t this funny that EA the big rich super game makers came across such a problem and they don’t give a crap? I mean really. They had so much support since Sims 1 and what do they do? They mess up on their probably biggest release on any game they ever released and they mess up. So frustrating man. I almost punched a hole in the wall when it froze for the 6 time. About to sell this game. Honestly I don’t even think i will get a Sims 4 if they release a Sims 4. Man so hard to contain this much anger!!!!!! I was about to get that huge house with 4 bed room and 3 bath!! I had one sim in the medical branch at level 10 another at level 10 of the agent branch and another sim at level 8 sports career. I also had the deed to the restraunt in town and the partnerships to the saloon and the llama dome. I had like the best cars you can get along with the best furniture the game had to offer. I made the house i had a second floor on the house as well. The house started off as a 3 bed room 1 bath and just built it from there to a 5 bedroom and 4 bath. I just wanted the other house to show off to my friends and build it even bigger than this one. :( sorry if i wasted your time reading this but i had to tell you how hard i worked on this game.

  14. Jim Bohannon

    This is false. The May 17th patch did not fix the freezing problem. My best guess is you are an EA corporate trying to minimize the damage this is doing to the EA brand by falsely claiming it has been dealt with. It has not.

  15. Mizrim

    Hello to Everyone :/ is pity because all of as are in the same boat…Even we that we play sims 3 on the pc..
    I personally not have sims3 on xbox or ps3 but on Pc…Since 1999 that the Sims 1 have been released i have buy all the game till sims3 Town Life stuff*. I have all the titles original. Till some months ago my game was working perfect , no problems ,no freezing ,when all of a sadden my game start to freeze on every 2/5 times that i save. I’m searching almost everywhere to find a solution,like lower graphics ,turn of windows acceleration, clean cash every time before i start play…nothing I even try 3 days ago to use for first time mods in case maybe can help me..It didn’t I’M really mad about all the situation since i have try many times to contact with EA games and the respond was everything above…Whyyy this fat rich bastards eat our money buy release broken games…I want a damn solution…Me and more ppl we have made EA game one of the richest company’s and that is the thank you??? On 18 of October they gona release new game with name Pets..Tell me a good reason why should I buy it??? To have same problems and not be able to play it?? Insteed of try and fix the problem they just try to eat more money…I really thinking to sell all my Sims games even that i love this damn game is just make mad and want to kill every single bastard guy in this company….
    Thank you!

  16. teresa

    if u have internet on your ps3 or 360 the patch downloads itself it will take a few min but it works i was just as frustrated as all of u. now im back to siming. does anyone know if u can have babies on the sims 3 pets for ps3?

  17. Jennifer

    Everytime time I begin playing, 30 minutes after, The whole system freezes up on me. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it, but it still freezes up on me. I NEED HELP!!!!
    If you have a solution, please contact me on my yahoo adress:

  18. Shaqwell

    Ugh ! This happened to me about 2 days ago ! I have 3 different files . There’s only one file though , which happens to be my favorite , that freezes whenever i try to save it . It started on my sims daughter’s birthday . She aged up , and when i went to save it after her party was over , it froze . I re played the party about 6-7 times , each time i went to save it , it froze . The green diamond kept stopping no matter what . I even tried saving it onto a new file , it still froze ! Ughhhh ! I get pissed everytime i think about it ! I have put sooooooooo much into this time . I bought the most expensive house in the game , which took forever being that i never use cheat codes , i have a married couple , ones a rock star , the other is a chef . They are both their own bosses , and they have 4 kids together : one set of twin boys and one set of girl twins . I cannot do this all over again ! I refuse ! I have done too much for that file . I can’t do it again even if i wanted to . I have no patience . I didn’t delete the file yet , in hoping it’s fixable before i delete everything i worked hard for . I LOVE this file , and id hate to see it go to waste . Fix this please !!!!!!!

  19. Yuki

    Mine won’t even let me save at all. It just freezes. I’ve tried turning my 360 off and letting it “cool off” for a few hours, but it doesn’t work. I’ve got a lot of memory left, so it’s not slow or anything. I installed the game in my HD and that didn’t help. I’m thinking about returning the game and giving up on EA. This is ridiculous. I know I need updates, but I don’t have an internet connection, nor do I want to pay for something I won’t use.
    EA, I am very disappointed. I’m sticking with Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Square Enix. No more EA for me. I won’t even buy another Dragon Age. You are losing customers very fast. Lets see… people are upset, they tell their friends and their friends get upset and it goes on. Soon, no one will buy a certain game or brand because they don’t like the way it works. I thought you guys were smart enough to keep your gamers happy. I still think you guys can fix it, but so far MANY people remain unimpressed. Get on it please? We’re waiting and still hoping.

  20. Bea Evil

    well crap, after reading all of these posts, i doubt anything’s going to get better. . . . the save froze the past 2 nights only(week 39?), but it sounds like it’s just gonna keep happening – well i guess boycotting EA could be almost as fun as playing the game….. damnit

  21. Ehch

    Ugh. Yeah, I was hopeful when Google brought me to this post…until I saw that it’s TWO YEARS OLD and I’ve just started having the save-freeze issue in the past few days (after having the game for a year with no trouble & having the entire 1,000 gamerscore for it – my best family is in Week 44, insanely rich, has finally mastered every skill, has a garden full of Omni plants, etc. …you know, the whole FUN part of keeping a household going for that long). Like some other commenters, my glitch started during a birthday; now I can’t save it past that point without the entire console freezing.

    I was always a PC Sims player before my laptop fried last year & I was given an Xbox for Christmas. It was cool to try out Sims 3 on a console & “beat” the whole game (though there are still loads of things I haven’t gotten to do yet cos it requires time, which you don’t have if you can’t save!).

    I’ve never been prompted for an update on my Xbox for this game, unlike most every other game I own. I guess this means it’s never gonna be fixed…? Depressing, cos it’s otherwise so much fun to play. But to lose that much progress? Where’s the fun in that? D:

    If anyone ever finds a fix I’ll be over the moon.

  22. Scotty

    OK, my wife has been playing Sims 3 on the PS3 now for quite some time. She has developed the freeze issue as well as another. Her sims are turning into black dots. They still seem to exist but they have no form.

    However…. There is one item that has NOT been discussed. When we first had this problem, to me it was acting just like the disk itself was corrupted. So I went out and bought a new one and it performed flawlessly again. Hmmmm… We’re onto something. Time marhes on. It has been months since the new disk was purchased and it has been used heavily but looks in perfect condition. Sadly, the freeze ups and black dot people are back!!

    The bottom line here is that I firmly believe thatthe lasers in the game consols are slowly cooking the disks to death. We need a way to load the entire game onto the hard drive so we can play without the disk. Any suggestions here?

  23. Scotty

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the original disk was given to a friend to try and load on his machine. It did NOT work so that pretty much proved it was the disk. Now that the second has failed it lays most of the blame on the PS3 laser itself being too intense.

  24. moses5885

    Damn. Well maybe you can follow me and just buy a PC and download everything. Good luck.

    I do kind of agree on the whole disk thing. anything that increases heat does for sure screw up electronics.

  25. Viki

    I am so sad and irritated. I had 35 sims weeks saved and have done months of stuff and it keeps freezing and now cant save anything. It says saving to the HDD has failed. Please help! :-( thank u

  26. moses5885

    since everyone’s stuff is jacked up anyway maybe try deleted the game utility data and then re-downloading all of the updates on PSN. I did this on my skyrim game that would screw up and it worked because my system skipped a few updates. i think doing this will make you system go back and find the stuff that is working.

  27. Issy

    This has happened 2 or 3 times for me, and I can’t get any further than about week 20-35 on my about 1 year old PS3. This needs to change!

  28. syncpan77

    Now the game won’t even load at all. I just bought it brand new and it doesn’t even get past the loading screen to start playing. It just crashes my entire system. What is wrong with this game? Why is EA publishing such garbage lately?

  29. Mr. KG

    It’s June 2013.. I decided to try and get back into The Sims 3, since it’s one of my favorite games of all time. Unfortunately, there’s still no patch or debug for the save game error that freezes the entire console. It’s really upsetting that it seems no one is trying to work this problem out. I’ve lost so much game play that I never want to play it again, which tears my heart out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix it. I want to enjoy this game so badly!!!

  30. Sabrina

    My problem with my Xbox and my sims3 game is that it doesn’t freaze at all but it refuses to save and saying that the files corrupt causing me to have to delete and start all over. I can’t just save periodically cuz the game refuses to save at all its like i create a my sim and house ans atuff and wgen i go to save it takes forever but doesn’t freaze and it’ll eventually say that the files corrupt. Idk if its my game or my console but its extremely irritating. If anyone has also experienced this please help!

  31. josh

    Hey its july 2013 and i just the sims 3 but every 5 minute s of gameplay it just freexes. The entire xboc 360 freeze but why EA you rich….fix it

  32. Scotty

    After all this time, nothing has changed. Sims 3 still just fails. Then it hit me….
    It’s just like real life!! Everything is going great then it all goes to crap!!!

  33. pooperscooper

    i have had the sims 3 downloaded on the ps3 and it works so much better so if you want to play it so badly its on the ps3 store if you wanna buy it again

  34. SimsTessa

    I’ve had the game free a couple of times but what bothers me is when I can’t get stuff out of my inventory, EA server problems

  35. SimsTessa

    I have a family in their 38th week and so far no failed save for the game.

  36. Scotty

    Something has changed… After weeks of neglect, my wife has gone back to playing Sims 3 and BEHOLD, it WORKS!! The only possible thing that could have changed is the EA server itself.

  37. Isha Sharma

    I was so excited to play Sims 3 on my XBOX since I’ve been a Sims fan for quite a long time now. I was enjoying the game when suddenly I tried to save it manually at an important juncture in the game but nothing happened and everything froze. I restarted my console and tried it again but same thing happened. I saved it in the other slot but only once. When I tried saving my progress in a new slot again everything just froze! I was heartbroken because I was looking forward to building up my Sims life. I left playing my game altogether for a month or so until I googled about it and landed here. Relieved to know that at least I’m not having this problem alone. I really hope EA will do something about this. I read somewhere that they have asked us to update the game. Any details? Also can an Expansion pack help?

  38. Simmomma

    Just got my 360 and my game, it seems to save fine but it will sometimes take me to the ocean when I want my Sims. What I mean is it will go over the water and I can’t get home, to build mode NOTHING!! I have been playing on Pc for years have never experienced something like that. To stop that I have to eject my disk wait then start over. It’s happened twice and it seems to happen with more than 3 in a family and after a few hours of play. My xbox gets louder also. Any ideas please help.

  39. jake

    I can’t even install it on my ps3. It just gets to 100% then freezes if an one knows how to help please email me at jacobraylaney@ gmail

  40. Cara

    I’m ok week 14 tried saving and it freezes cleared the cache and started again and still freezes and don’t know what to do don’t know weather to delete the game and start again (don’t know If it would save )buy a new game . And what’s tho patch I’ve never heard of it I’ve got xbox live and where would you find it sims 3 pets is good and hasn’t froze on me yet. But you want to play the sims with out the pets on it as I’ve got sims pets and sims 3 don’t know what to do

  41. Rose

    I had to come on here and post something that might help! I was having issues with a family 8 weeks in. One issue was every time I would throw parties, NO ONE would show up. The weird thing was, that I would see all my invited party guest run straight past my house! It’s like the game tried to bring them to my party but the house was glitched. I started to realize that this only happened to me here in the lot and house that I was living in. I hadn’t always lived in this house, I recently moved homes to accomidate for a new baby. So basically my biggest issue was that every single bloody time I tried I save after a certain point, the game would just keep saving and never actually save or go back to play mode. My console never froze, but I could never advance in my game. It would be like Groundhog Day, just turning off my system manually and going back into the save file and trying new things or new ways to save the game. I even completely deleted my game data off my PS3 and reinstalled the game, and deleted EVERY other family or game I had going before this one. I decided to try one last thing and it worked! I moved my family into another home on another lot and I could save again like normal!!!! Apparently the house I was living in before had some kind of glitch (or was haunted…ooh spooky). As soon as I moved to another location everything was normal! So try moving! I guess sometimes the lots or houses come with glitches. Also just to be safe, save to a new file, don’t overwrite the one with the corrupt house. WORKED FOR ME! :)

  42. Tony

    Okay it sounds like this issue extends across all consoles and even the PC. I’ve got it on console and I’ve been able to complete my games, however, I’ve experienced the freezing issue since the beginning. At first I blew it off as a glitch as the console version is teeming with, however when it happened each time I realized it’s a bug. So how was I able to finish my games? I found the pattern:

    The game does not freeze after a set number of weeks alone- rather- after a certain number of saves (in addition to time put in). I’ve found that I can complete my games to the fullest if I limit myself to at least 8 saves. After that number the bug could kick in at any time. It’s not ideal to binge-play for hours at a time just to save once for the day but it’s something.
    I don’t know if anyone else has figured that out yet too and stuck with it but if you haven’t then maybe consider trying it. Like I said, it’s something.

  43. Annoyed, Australia

    I played the Sims 3 on my Xbox360 console the night before last for nine hours and as I was saving it froze on me. I tried pressing the centre button on my controller to show some signs of response, and unfortunately nothing happened. I waited 25 minutes and it was still paused. Eventually I turned my Xbox off but I was extremely upset.
    Yesterday I went to play it again and after only 4 hours of gaming I bumped in to the same problem. I turned off my Xbox and left it to sit for a few hours.
    When I returned to play Sims for the third time, I chose a different family to play as. I got pretty far through the night and just as I was about to retire, well, you can guess what happened next.

    I’m so paranoid about this bug now that now I save my game every half hour. On the dot. I have a timer.
    This problem has only recently occurred for me but it is an exceptional pain in the backside. I really hope nobody else has to go through what I did because by golly am I disappointed with EA on this one.

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