Parenting a Gamer: Xbox 360 Console Safety Settings

Navigating game ratings may be confusing for parents especially when there are so many different games your children may be interested in. I took some time to provide a simple guide on console settings for your Xbox 360 to assist you when you’re not there to ensure your children are playing appropriate games.

Xbox 360 Family Settings

You may not always know what to do as a parent, but armed with information you can make better decisions.

What do console settings do?

Console Safety settings control the activities of individuals who use your Xbox 360. You will need a console pass code to access and modify settings.

  • What content can be viewed and used
  • When the console can be used
  • Whether Xbox LIVE can be accessed or memberships created

What do you need before you begin?

Before you can save any console settings, you need to create and enter a four-button pass code and a question secret answer.

A single password is required for anyone who uses your Xbox 360 console.

4 steps to change settings

The following steps are for new console software. If you do not see these options you are likely running older software.

  1. Go to My Xbox.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Xbox LIVE Family Pack subscribers select Family Center.
    • If you are not a family pack subscriber, select Family Settings.
  3. Set restrictions on settings such as Game Ratings, Exemptions, Movie Ratings/TV Ratings, Explicit/Unrated Content and Xbox Live Access/Membership Creation.
  4. Select Save and Exit. If you have not created a pass code, you are prompted to create one before you can save.

This is the first of a series I plan on doing on responsible parenting of or for gamers. If you have any questions or topics you would like covered let me know!