QWOP flash game is both fun and infuriating

I found this game in the Twittersphere and thought I’d give it a try. It’s a flash based game called QWOP. Let me just say it’s a lot of fun for how simple the premise is, but it’s also infuriating.

First of all, let me just say walking or running doesn’t feel that hard. For some reason, it really is!

QWOP Flash Based Game

Take Exhibit A at my futility to run with a keyboard

The premise is quite simple. The Q and W keys on your keyboard represent your thighs, and the O and P keys represent your calves. You press the keys in rhythm and attempt to run like an Olympic runner.

Unfortunately for me I run like a crazed toddler on uppers. I rarely make it beyond 10 meters before tumbling to a face-crushing fall. Still, after a dozen or so failures, I find myself too eager to try again.

The falls are quite hilarious at times. I find myself jumping backwards through the air and crashing on my back. Sometimes my body lays in a crumpled heap of digital skin.

I strongly urge you try the game. If anything, you’ll get a good laugh at your hilarious falls and question how the hell you get up and walk in the first place.

How far will you get?

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  1. Copperskull

    I’ve already logged a couple hours on this game. It’s a great time killer while waiting between rounds of a multiplayer game. Most of my attempts end in an awkward karate kick followed by a painful faceplant. I’m still working on that full backflip; just give it time.

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