In Gaming We Trust Joins Horrible Night

When Cole and I first started Horrible Night, the only plan we had was we that wanted to write about what had our attention in video games each week. From that, hopefully we’d find some like-minded readers that connected with our game experiences and wanted to share their own and potentially join our writing staff. At the time, our core writers were scattered across the country, so I never expected to find another website in Indiana approaching video game commentary like us. Enter From the moment I started having conversations with In Gaming We Trust and its co-founder, Brandon Coppernoll (H21), it was as if Horrible Night had found its lost brothers on the battlefield.

Horrible Night and In Gaming We Trust are all about the gamer’s experiences and the stories that come from those experiences. In particular, both of us shared a particular interest in not only the life balance that passionate adult gamers are faced with, but a desire to pass along great gaming experiences to the next generation. The other immediate bond we noticed was while neither site was particularly focused on delivering the same headlines of every other gaming site, both Horrible Night and In Gaming We Trust are interested in the headlines that matter to our readers as well as doing their part to tone down some of the sensationalism that has hurt our the media coverage of the video game industry. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, our respective crews also enjoy gaming together and with our readers. With so much in common and such a short geographic distance between HQ’s, it didn’t take long for our sites to begin discussing collaborative opportunities to the point where we asked the obvious question – why don’t we just join forces entirely?

We’d be crazy not to

IGWT and HNIt makes me incredibly proud to announce that we have done just that. Horrible Night and In Gaming We Trust have merged and we welcome both of our communities to continue to find the content they have enjoyed these past couple of years together in one place at

So what does this all mean exactly? To sum up, it means will not only be giving you more of the content you have enjoyed from both sites in one location, but thanks to our collaborative efforts and expanding writing staff, we know it will be even better content.


For current Horrible Night readers, we are happy to introduce you to the In Gaming We Trust writers by featuring a curated list of what the IGWT staff has deemed their “Best Of” content. In addition to that, Brandon will be a weekly featured writer on the site going forward and drop in on our podcast, The Horrible Show, from time to time. James Coppernoll (Copperskull) is known for his frequent live game nights and video highlights from his sessions with IGWT readers, friends, and staff members. He will be continuing to do so on the HorribleNight channel as we hope to have plenty of online game nights on into the future. Furthermore, IGWT’s contributors will also be continuing their craft and posting their articles on Of course, as you’ve already seen guest appearances by Brandon and James, the IGWT writers will also be involved in Horrible Night’s community posts like REPLY TO ALL, Meanwhile, and our monthly release list previews.

I’d also like to personally extend a welcome to the IGWT reader community. One of the foundations that we built Horrible Night on is that we want our readers to easily find the content that they enjoy from the writers that they connect with the most. Brandon and I want you to know that we fully intend for the voice and content of IGWT to continue within IGWT readers will be able to find their favorite existing content from IGWT as well as new content from those same creative minds. I also invite you to check out our “Best Of” content as well as’s content guide to get a taste of our original editorial content as well as our ongoing weekly series and even preview our weekly podcast.

The merger of our sites also couldn’t have come at a more exciting time. Behind the scenes while working out the merger details, In Gaming We Trust and Horrible Night have been hard at work at creating a gaming activist home for getting Horrible Night involved in positive community and video game industry campaigns. This all starts off with our 24 Hour Gaming Marathon this Friday, October 14th where we will be taking donations for Child’s Play as welcome all of you to meet one another and to game all night and all day with us online. We will be live blogging, streaming video, and setting up many different game sessions across Xbox Live and Steam and we need your help to spread the word.

I want to thank all of you readers, the Horrible Night staff, and In Gaming We Trust for not only making this merger between our sites and communities possible, but for continuing to inspire all of us to make even more horrible.

– Justin Lacey // JDevL

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  1. JP LaFrance

    Welcome to the IGWT team to the site, I am looking forward to participating in many future live streams!

  2. h21

    We are extremely excited to join the team. I am looking forward to helicopter flying lessons from JP…if I’m being honest.

  3. JP LaFrance

    I never claimed that I know how to fly a proper helicopter, and you really don’t want to hear the apostrophe discussion.

  4. JP LaFrance

    I’m sure Brandon could find a way to fly an improper helicopter poorly

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