Mortal Kombat Live Action Trailer Teases Rebirth

Mortal Kombat can still get the gamers talking like no other franchise. Earlier today a video popped up on YouTube posted by the user MortalKombatRebirth. A high quality live action trailer that has a very distinct The Dark Knight style to it. Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan appear in the trailer as Jax and Sonya Blade respectively. We also get peaks of Johnny Cage, Shang Tsung, and disturbing origin stories for Reptile and Baraka. The trailer was quickly picked up by Joystiq, and every game site since has been buzzing about what it could mean. Check it out for yourself and decide:

Mortal Kombat Teaser

Reptile Is Hungry

The two strongest possibilities seem to be either a movie remake or more likely, in my opinion, a teaser for Mortal Kombat 9 to possibly be unveiled at E3 next week. Pulling in named actors for a trailer like this has to mean that a franchise update is likely for either. Hopefully, they follow through on the direction depicted and end up doing both. Either way, I can’t stop watching it and wondering what it really means.


Joystiq (original)
Giant Bomb (updated rumors)

2 Comments Mortal Kombat Live Action Trailer Teases Rebirth

  1. TheProphecy

    Dude, I’m sorry, I would go see this one. I don’t care if its not “true to the roots.” This looks pretty freaking cool. The reptile thing was my favorite part, but baraka as a body-moder with implanted spikes was kinda interesting. Not sure how you’d get those to stay in place (bone graft a-la Wolverine, maybe?). Plus, Jax as the due from Spawn…..nice idea!

  2. JDevL

    Oh I’d go see it, I just wouldn’t feel as strongly about it without the game as a base. And Michael Jai White needs to be in more stuff, just sayin.

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