A Call to Games: 24 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon Oct 14th for Child’s Play

Horrible Night and Child's Play

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10/12 – The Challenges and Questions

As we announced last week, Horrible Night and our friends at NetHeads and In Gaming We Trust will be playing all sorts of video games online for our 24 Hour Charity Marathon for Child’s Play. The marathon will start at 7pm EST on Friday, October 14th and run through 7pm EST on Saturday, October 15th. We will be live blogging the event as well as streaming multiple game and interview feeds through Twitch.tv.

We Need Your Help

The goal of the marathon is to raise awareness and donations for the Child’s Play charity. We will be taking donations online and encourage you to give what you can. Even if you cannot make a donation there are other ways of helping this cause. The more people we make aware of the charity the more others can help, and believe it or not, you can do this through video games. We ask our readers to take to the comments and pledge the following: 

  1. When: I will play X number of hours of video games during the marathon
  2. Who: My gamertag/SteamID is: YourNameHere and I will tell X number of my friends about the marathon
  3. What: My favorite game to play with friends is EnterGameNameHere

There will be multiple game sessions going on at once throughout the entire marathon. We will stream as many games as possible in addition to having interviews with the players and guests from the event. We encourage our readers to create their own game sessions and let us know via the comments, Twitter, Twitch.Tv when you have a game going. We will post your game info to our live blog to help get as many gamers and their friends involved as possible.

RSVP on our Facebook Event page so we can spread the word about Child’s Play!

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  1. Aaron McNeal

    I’m not yet sure about my specifics for the marathon, but I imagine I’ll be around for Friday more than Saturday with as many hours as I can get away with. My gamertag and Steam IDs are both BGRadio and my services are easily available for any Gears 3 Horde (or anything else), Halo Reach and Team Fortress 2 off the top of my head.

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