Games of October are Everything Including Crazy

Games of October

It doesn’t get any easier from here on out, here’s hoping that you made use of some of Ethan’s deals posts because you are gonna need every penny to get through October looking at this lineup. Nevermind that we’ve got another month of crazy releases, we’re here to talk through the major releases of this month. We’ve highlighted the games that have drawn our attention each week, and then we break down the ones we are sure to play.

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Here’s what has our attention this October


I could shoot these guys all day.


Justin L – I have been on a journey with Rage, and I haven’t even played the final version. I was ready to write the game off as just another id shooter, but after playing the game at PAX the shooting gameplay was just fun. I feel like I know what to expect about the scope of the game and that while others wanted more out of it, Rage is all I need.

Aaron – I have never been the biggest Doom or Quake fan, but I can easily appreciate those games as helping to define first person shooters. To make things right, I am excited to jump back into a post-apocalyptic world with the PC version of Rage. The graphics will melt my retinas, the assortment of weaponry looks awesome (mind-control arrows with explosive side effects!) and the enemies seem ripe for getting filled with bullets. John Goodman is voice-acting, you say? I am raging just thinking about it!

Ethan – This game is downloading as I type and I am looking forward to playing it despite the lukewarm (well, lukewarm based on hype) reception it’s receiving. The action looks sick and I expect that my PC is going to be pushed to its limits, which is good because that machine has been pretty cocky since running Crysis at ultra high settings. Is id still relevant in this day and age? Looks like we’re going to find out.

Rob – I’m definitely interested in playing this one. Everything I’ve heard makes it sound worthwhile. It’s going to have to take the back burner for me, though. There are too many other games coming out that have me more interested… and games that I’m currently playing that need to be finished up. When the dust settles (and maybe the price) I’ll be sure to pick this up.

Coop – I’m definitely getting Rage at some point. I was originally going to buy it right at release, but I haven’t really given Gears 3 a fair amount of play yet so I’m thinking now that I’ll wait a bit and maybe pick it up a little cheaper when I’m actually ready to dive into it. It’s definitely a must-play, though. Despite the bad reviews and people complaining about another post-apocalyptic shooter, I was sold with my hands-on experience. It felt like a fast, polished shooter, which is what I’ve always loved from id, and I can’t wait to play through it.

Brandon – It’s been well-documented that I’m not looking to pick up Rage. I’ve had a record number of friends try to entice me to get it. The game is going to have to do some amazing things to get me to change my stance and pick this one up.

James – I’ve yet to see anything that impresses me much with this game. There’s a lot of hype around it, but I truly can’t foresee anything that warrants it. I will give id props, however. They always seem to pull out some great stuff with their new IPs. It might also be a fresh breath of air in this world of sequels we’re living in. I haven’t made a decision to buy the game, but if I happen to get a little playtime with it, I could be persuaded.

Dark Souls


Dark Souls

Josh – This game’s predecessor, Demon’s Souls, made me feel things in a game that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was at once terrified and filled with a sense of wonder. Games don’t often surprise me with what lies around a corner, but Demon’s Souls did it consistently. Never did I feel safe, no matter what I had accomplished up to that point. And while the game may have been extremely difficult, it was never impossible, only unforgiving of the player’s mistakes.

Dark Souls looks to have preserved almost every element that made Demon’s Souls, well, Demon’s Souls. With a refinement in how the world is structured, making the transitions between areas a more natural one, and the addition of the “bonfire” system to give you the option of saving your progress at the expense of respawning the game’s baddies, there is just enough new here to make me long to jump back into this masochistic experience From Software has so expertly crafted.

Ethan – I am very intrigued by this game and always felt bad about never playing Demon’s Souls. I’ve loved challenging games as of late because of the heightened sense of accomplishment they’ve given me. With that in mind, I am also scared that this game will be addicting and hard to beat, thus keeping me in a constant state of angry obsession.

Aaron – In a true act of masochism, I’m forcing myself through more of Demon’s Souls in preparation of devoting more of my anger and complete swearing vocabulary to its big brother. Slowly becoming more powerful and finding better gear has been a gaming staple that I have been drawn to throughout the years. Something about overcoming the odds on your twentieth try gives me such a rush that I cannot help but “touchdown-dance.” Spiking the controller is what I usually do every time before that.

Justin L – I have a soft spot for Demon’s Souls and the fact that Dark Souls is available on 360 sealed my purchase for this game. No matter that I have no time for the game. When I feel like beating myself up, I’ll be more than happy to have Dark Souls kick my ass even if that’s moreso in 2012. This is a game genre and developer that I want to support.


Still lookin good.


Justin G – Although, on some level, it bothers me to be going backwards in time to find out about Prophet after whatever the hell happened at the end of Crysis 2, I enjoyed the sequel enough that the chances of me downloading a game that used to set the bragging rights for PC gaming rigs are pretty high. I’m apprehensive, though, since most of the time, you make improvements between the first and second iterations of a game, particularly if it stays with the same developer. Nonetheless, I really did enjoy killing all of those Ceph and a gorgeous sci-fi shooter is (almost) never a bad thing.

Coop – I’ve always wanted to play Crysis, but never had a rig that could give it justice. The fact that it’s out for 360 is perfect because even though I own Crysis 2, I actually haven’t played much of it. It’ll probably help the storyline of 2 make a little more sense playing through the original first. This is another title on my list, but I’m going to hold off until I know I can actually sit down and enjoy it.

JP – I definitively intend to pick this game up at some point. I really enjoyed Crysis 2 earlier in the year and feel that the original needs my attention as well. I am very optimistic for this game after the developers said the game looks better on consoles. I am sure that this is all an attempt to boost our egos. I just hope I enjoy Prophet’s story as much as I did Alcatraz’s.

Ben – With my gaming time becoming increasingly sparing, I find myself gravitating towards XBLA and PSN games more. It’s just easier than finding a disc and dealing with load times and what not. So the idea of a downloadable Crysis sounds intriguing to me. I’ve never played either of the Crysis games but, like anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave for the last few years, I’ve heard about them and they sound like just the sort of games I would be into. And a shooter is a perfect game for someone with a short time budget because you can fire it up, mow down some invading aliens (or whatever is actually happening in Crysis) and then put it down fairly easily.

Cole – Glad to see Crysis coming to XBLA. Never got the chance to play it when first released and I was such a fan of Crysis 2 that it will be interesting to see where the series started. It’s definitely going to be a purchase at some point, but not this month.

Batman: Arkham City

But I want to punch you one more time.

Batman: Arkham City

Cole – Despite all the recent “spoilers” about this game, it is doing what Batman usually does, flying under the radar. Not because it’s a small game by any means, it is just one of those games that was going to be purchased as soon as it was announced so I had no reason to keep up with the news because I didn’t want to know anything about it. If it doesn’t improve on anything Arkham Asylum did, it will still be a satisfying game. I have a feeling it’s going to blow its predecessor out of the water.

JP – I’m not sure if we really need to talk about this game here at Horrible Night, but here goes: I have a lot of expectations for this game. The game play mechanics were solid and a fantastic story made Arkham Asylum a great game. I am pretty confident I won’t be let down here.

Brandon – Despite the freakin’ headlines this last week I’m still stoked for this game. I know the “spoilers” were mentioned only to get you intrigued on what Rocksteady is hiding, so I plan on putting on my cape and bat mask and gallivanting through Arkham City to do some head smashing and bones crunching. The game looks immense, and this is one that has slowly pulled me in over the year as I read more and more about it.

Rob – This is one of my most anticipated upcoming games. Arkham Asylum was amazing… I rarely play a game enough to find every single hidden item or collectible anymore, but I definitely did in Arkham Asylum. From what I’ve seen I have no doubt Arkham City will be awesome as well. The open worldiness and soaring around the city looks incredible. I’ll be playing this on pc since they were giving away a free copy with new Nvidia cards. I figured it pretty much just took 60 bucks off of my card since I was going to buy this at full price (probably for 360) anyway.

Aaron – “I’m Batman!” What else needs to be said? After finishing Arkham Asylum a couple of days after starting it, I knew I was willing to get back into the tights again and punch more goons in their stupid faces. The combat is so satisfying and I can only imagine it will be even better the second time around. Soaring above the streets of Arkham is going to rock. Villains of Arkham, I’m coming for you.

Justin G – I feel like I’m wasting valuable column space saying “Oh, yeah, I’m getting Arkham City.” “No shit, you’re getting Arkham City, GiffTor,” you say, “You’re not a giant dipshit, so that’s a foregone conclusion because Arkham City is going to be badass, Rocksteady Studios is badass, Batman is badass and you can always jump off of buildings without using your cape if you accidentally select Robin to play with because Robin. Is. Not. Bad. Ass.” And you’d be right, because I just pre-ordered it on Amazon using my $20 credit from Gears of War 3 and I’m getting it on release day.

Justin L – It’s scary how little doubt I have about Arkham City. Especially because before Arkham Asylum, superhero games were assured to suck. The only question is, “Is more better?” Rocksteady seems to be throwing in the kitchen sink on this game so I’m only worried it could feel unfocused. But I don’t care as long as I get to clean the streets with their bad (bat?) ass fighting system.

Battlefield 3

How guns are supposed to feel.

Battlefield 3

Aaron – In the never-ending war between…war games, I’ve decided to join the camp of Battlefield 3 this year. I’ve played a little bit of the multiplayer in Alpha and Beta forms and have come out feeling okay about the experiences. My fingers are crossed on the single player though, as all of those pictures and videos were what grabbed my attention in the first place. Until then, I’m keeping my eye on this one.

Ethan – My opinion on BF3 has been in decline for a while, so much so that the beta hasn’t even graced my PC at all up to this point. While the game has a ton of potential, I am soured on EA’s tinkering and hate the browser-based menu system. We all know the game looks great, plays pretty well and has a solid fanbase, but at the end of the day is there anything there that will keep it from just feeling like it’s Bad Company 2 with a fresh coat of paint? I’ll wait for reviews on this one.

Rob – And here’s the reason I got a new Nvidia card in the first place. I swear EA must be getting a cut of new hardware sales for this game. Yes… this is another of my most anticipated games. I’ve been playing the beta, which is sweet, but I can’t wait for more maps and vehicles (jets!) and the campaign. Battlefield is my shooter of choice… can’t wait for this one.

Brandon – I just recently tried the Open Beta on Xbox 360. Even though the Open Beta lacked what makes Battlefield…well…Battlefield (see lack of vehicles and other certain features), I am still really excited about this game. I love the graphics. I love the handling. I love what promise this game presents. Expect to see me out there in the battlefield. Hopefully we have enough of us buying the game we can run a “clan.” We have to represent.

JP – I am really looking forward to this game. Expectations for this title are through the roof for myself and the entire video game world. I am really nervous right now because of the beta. There are a lot of clipping issues. This of course means patch, patch, patch. I will still pick this one up before Call of Duty. I’m just really nervous that the game will ship broken and filled with flaws. I really don’t have much confidence in EA these days.

James – This is the one game I’ve decided is a must buy for October. I greatly enjoyed Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 since the series started focusing more on the console market. I’ve been playing a lot of the Battlefield 3 Open Beta, and looking past the various glitches, I can see it’s going to come out another fine addition to the series.

Cole – I keep going back and forth on this. Do I really want a realistic military based shooter or will I just get bored with it as easily as the last Modern Warfare? I’m still on the fence with this one. However, I’ve been craving some team deathmatch in this style so I might be full of crap and buy this day one.

Best of the Rest

Aliens: Infestation

Aliens always needed some Metroid.

Aliens: Infestation – Josh: This will be the third time that WayForward has given me a reason to turn my house upside down in search of my dust covered, long neglected Nintendo DS. The current masters of handheld 2D sidescrolling have combined two things that instantly make me giddy when you say the words: Aliens and Metroid. I trust that they will treat the movie’s source material and the gameplay genre with the utmost respect, which is why I have this game at the top of my October purchase list.

Renegade Ops – Ethan: I know I can pick it up on XBLA now, but I want the Gordon Freeman buggy now that I’ve bashed it so much. Renegade Ops reminds of Desert Strike a bit and I loved those games. There’s just something about driving around from that perspective ( I suck at first person driving games, probably because I suck at driving in real life). I think this game could become yet another distraction from the heavy releases coming out, which I have learned is a great way to pace gameplay.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon – Justin G: You knew this one was a GiffTor special. Although I’m not sure what to think about the new dogfighting mechanic that has shown up on the previews, I love me some flight sims. On top of that, I need something to wash the mediocre taste of HAWX 2 out of my mouth, just like I needed the original HAWX to refresh my palette from Ace Combat 6. Besides… it’s time for me to set another global high score and perhaps introduce some of the loyal HN readers and staff to the kind of helpless shame I feel when I play Mario Kart games when I take them to the cleaners in online versus play.

Hulk Hogan’s Main Event – Coop: Hulk Hogan’s Main Event for Kinect sounds fantastic. I know absolutely nothing about this game, but I’m going to imagine it like it should be in my mind to make it cooler than it probably is. The truth is that I’ll never own this, but maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll release a demo so we can see how ridiculous a wrestling game for Kinect is.

Forza Motorsport 4

Pretty cars.

Forza Motorsport 4 – James: The one may be a little out of left field for anyone that knows me. I’m not much of a racing game player. I did spend a little time with Forza 3, however, and it reminded me of the hours upon hours I poured into my old Playstation on Gran Turismo. I do enjoy a good race every now and then, especially in a multiplayer setting. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull out the funds to buy this game around release, but my eyes are on it.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition – Rob: Uh… yeah, of course. This is what this revamp should have been the whole time.

Disney Universe – JP: I think I am the only one here that has this game on their radar. It looks like it could be similar to Little Big Planet, or it could have a unique voice. All I know is that the game is pretty damn cute, and who doesn’t want to play in a Stitch costume? I will need to visit a RedBox before I decide if this game is a buy or sell for me.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter – Alex: Alright, you may not believe this, but I’m thinking about playing the new Professor Layton game! Ok, who am I kidding, this is actually the only game I’ve pre-ordered so far this year! Last Specter is the fourth entry in the Layton series and is the first game in a new trilogy set before the events of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. This thing got released in Japan back in 2009 so it’s about damn time we got it here in the US! On top of piles of new mysteries and puzzles to wrap your brain around, there’s an included *bonus* RPG titled London Life that is reportedly over 100 hours long. Put on your thinking cap and I’ll see you in London!

Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Don't call it a comeback.

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland – Aaron: I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for Kirby games. They’re so damn whimsical and magical and…filled with manly awesomeness. I like the music too…I don’t care what you think! I don’t really give the Wii a lot of attention otherwise, mainly to check in on Wii Fit. Until my pretty solid purchase of Zelda next month, this will be a rainy day or holiday purchase to remind myself of why I still want to love Nintendo.

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit – Ben: I have no idea what the Michael Phelps Kinect game is about but the image of people trying to do the butterfly standing up in their living rooms is really entertaining.

Dance Central 2 – Cole: While not something I am focusing on in Mega Release Fall, my wife is excited for this game. It will definitely be a part of my collection before the end of the year. I see it as a possible Christmas gift for the wife. Which would be awesome, because I’ve never bought her a video game as a Christmas gift before.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster – Justin L: Hey, the holidays are coming up and I like introducing the kids in my family and extended family to games, so I feel like Double Fine made this for me. I have to see it through. I’m sure we’ll play it more than Kinectimals, because monsters > cute animals.


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