Indievania Allows Game Developers to Sell Games Directly to Customers


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We seem to be talking about indie games more and more these days. Thanks in no small part to their increased availability on a variety of marketplace platforms. However, one limitation of services like Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live Indie Games is that developers have to provide the companies behind these services a cut of the profits. Indievania was created to solve this issue and allow developers to sell directly to their customers.

Created by indie developers Alientrap, Indievania is funded entirely by optional donations offered at the end of each transaction. No commission fees apply and any developer is free to upload games to the service with only broken or unfunctional games getting rejected. Games of a high quality are promoted in the featured section of the site as well as through their social media channels. Another interesting feature is that Indievania allows for the uploading and selling of prototypes or early versions of games in order to help the developer with releasing the full game.

Ars Technica has a fantastic article detailing even more about the service if you’d like to learn more. We are still at the beginning stages of digital distribution of games, and it is nice to see indie games get a fitting home that allows them to fund their new ideas.


Ars Technica 

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  1. Copperskull

    Not a bad site at all. I checked it out and picked up a couple Indie games. I even put one up on the stream earlier tonight.

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