Hey! Watch! Link’s Beat

In what is either the worst Zelda related thing since those 3DO games, or the absolute best, Jenjamik has taken sounds from the game and made them into a beat. The only thing that is not from the game is the backing beat but otherwise all the sounds can be found in your favorite Zelda games.

Link looks so cute in a barrel.

I must warn you. Having watched through the whole video myself, nothing changes. From the first beat to the last, it basically loops. But you go on this incredible journey with the video. At first you think it’s cool, then you hate it before finally coming around on it at the end. At least that was my journey. Either way, enjoy.



1 Comment Hey! Watch! Link’s Beat

  1. Cory

    For some reason, the face the red Link makes with his “fhnng” noise cracks me up, and I kinda want it as a gamer pic. Secondly, how did the creator make 3 and a half minutes seem like an hour?

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