Hey! Watch! Goomba Roombas

Goomba Roomba

So fun to say.

Looks like our favorite enemies from classic Nintendo titles are struggling to find work in this economy. Goombas, Red and Green shells, and Octoroks are all busy vacuuming the floors of the SUPER iam8bit art exhibition. Either that or they have been cruelly attached beyond their will to the robotic vacuums. Actually, if the video holds true I think they are better off because they look adorable.

SUPER iam8bit is a group art exhibition in L.A. where artists turn their favorite 80’s videogame memories into art. Kelice Penney teamed up with iRobot to create the Goomba Roomba and other character covers for Roomba robots.

Now, if I could only buy one I’d finally have a good reason to give into our robot overlords.