Steam Version of Renegade Ops Gives You Freeman’s Buggy, Thanks?

Hopefully those crates are filled with garbage, you know, for buggy construction

Console owner’s have already had the fortune of playing Renegade Ops, but for those of you that are awaiting the PC release, October 14th just can’t come soon enough. Fortunately, that wait will be well worth it as pre-purchasing the game on Steam gives you access to Gordon Freeman’s crappy buggy made of trash, made popular(?) in that kind of  boring level from Half-Life 2. In addition, you’ll be able to use Ant Lions as special weapons, which is actually pretty cool.

I understand that the Half-Life tie in makes sense because Valve runs Steam, but if you really want to woo fans, you should have gone for a better vehicle. For future reference, here is a list of vehicles that would probably be recieved much better by fans of combat car games:

  • Kit from Knight Rider
  • A-Team Van from The A-Team
  • Herbie from Herbie: The Love Bug (Not that horrible Lohan remake)
  • Minion from Twisted Metal 2
  • A 1997 Ford Taurus