The Horrible Show Live on Tuesday Sept 27th at 8pm

The Horrible Show Live

It can be even more horrible.

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Hey there! We are very excited to announce that The Horrible Show, our weekly podcast, will be recording live on Tuesday at 8pm EST Time. You can catch the live webcast here on and on our Twitch.TV channel. This will also be our first video podcast.We will be streaming for around 2 hours as we discuss our weekly topic and interact with those of you joining in on the chat channel. For those of you who can’t make the live recording, we will be posting the episode as usual on Wednesday and the video will be available later.

The episode’s topic of choice? Games We Suck At. Where we discuss 5 games a piece that we suck at playing, and determine which of those games we should be embarrassed about the most.

Join us at 8pm and submit your game choices in the chat or here in the comments and we’ll give you a shout out on the show.

9 Comments The Horrible Show Live on Tuesday Sept 27th at 8pm

  1. H21

    Games I suck at:

    Pretty much every fighting game ever made. Seriously. I am the definition of terrible at fighting games.

  2. Aaron McNeal

    A sample of games I suck at:
    1. Bought Street Fighter 4. Stink online. Bought Super Street Fighter 4. Still stink online.
    2. Demon’s Souls. I imagine if you don’t suck a little at this, you are superhuman.
    3. Starcraft II. I used to be alright at casual Starcraft, but I’m sure I’m too slow now.

  3. moses5885

    games i suck at

    1. Nintendo track and field
    2. street fighter 2 turbo tournament edition or is it super street fighter 2 turbo, (the one when Cammie makes her first hot appearance)
    3. any mega man game
    4. new football games,( playing defense is too hard)
    5. unlimited pitch height softball ( not a video game but damn its hard)

  4. moses5885

    also “where in the world is Carmen San Diego?” with out a book of maps.

  5. Justin Gifford

    Matt, didn’t you play football in college? You know, where you had to learn defenses so you could block them?

  6. moses5885

    playing vs the defense is easy. playing as because of the lack of control is hard.

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