They Bleed Pixels Trailer is an Understatement

They Bleed Pixels

Not the protagonist you expected.

Seriously, who knew pixels could contain so much blood. They Bleed Pixels looks to spill plenty of platelets all over Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) in the near future. Spooky Squid Games looks like they have a tight 2d platformer on their hands complete with plenty of gratuitous pixel violence. From the trailer (above), a lot of the level traversal looks inspired by Super Meat Boy, but you can also get hands-on with the enemies that are in your way. The developer is also referring to the game as a beat-em up so expect a bit of depth and timing to your button mashing as you open up the red streams within your foes.

Maybe the gothic style and gushing blood aren’t your style. They Bleed Pixels features additional levels by other indie artists including Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure if crayon art and pink blood is more to your liking.

Look for They Bleed Pixels later this year on XBLIG


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