This week’s topic takes a different spin on upcoming titles. Are there any AAA titles that are otherwise really popular that you have absolutely zero interest in?

Skyward Sword

No one seems to be interested, except for Cole.

Justin L (JDevL)

Since I’m on a Nintendo tear lately, I’m going to go ahead and pick on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Unless by some sort of game design miracle Nintendo decides to take a few risks with the Zelda formula, I’m not interested. I feel at this point I’ve played through the Zelda formula enough that I’d rather just go back and play Wind Waker or A Link to the Past depending on my mood. I don’t need a reskinned adventure with one new gimmick. Not to mention that the gimmick this time of vertical and horizontal slashes using motion controls couldn’t be further from what I want out of a game experience. I’m actually fine with the look of the game this time around, it’s just too much of the same and Zelda really needs its Mario Galaxy moment sooner rather than later.

JP (JPizzle151)

I’m with Justin when it comes to a Zelda game on the Wii right now. The next Zelda game I plan to play is Darksiders 2 because War and Death are just cooler than Link at this point (and more fun). Vigil Games is doing the Zelda game better than Nintendo is at this point. Another game I am just not interested in is Saints Row 3. I have not played a single entry into that series and I am pretty sure I know why. My fanboyism towards Rockstar and the GTA series has kept me away from this game. I just take the mentality that I would rather play the real deal than a silly impostor. For all I know, the game series might be awesome and stand on its own. Still, I would rather wait and invest my time into the yet to be announced GTA game.

Justin L

Luckily you win points with me with your Darksiders conversion. I don’t know exactly why I’m sold on Saints Row 3, but realize it isn’t trying to be a GTA just like The Naked Gun was never trying to be a cop drama. Saints Row 3 just looks like fun and I got a lot of mileage out of Just Cause 2 for that reason, and I expect even more out of the Saints.


I want to go back and play Just Cause but I know that game is supposed to be ridiculous.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

I totally agree with the Darksiders over Zelda preferance, and frankly Zelda games have not been on my radar for a while now. I am getting warmer towards Saints Row 3, but it still won’t make a dent in my gametime when Skyrim and Rage are in my hands.

The game I am probably coldest towards is Battlefield 3 because I am realizing that competitive multiplayer games just may not be my thing. It’s strange because I was really pumped for that game and then something just hit me wrong (Origin?) and now it joins many other games on the “wait for price drop” list.

Darksiders 2

Death doing his thing.

Justin L

Curious, Ethan, will you be playing MW3? As I know you have been a fan of the single player side of Call of Duty for a while.


You know, I think that has become a Fall tradition for me though I never seem to get my money’s worth out of those games. I think it depends on how engrossed in other games I become.

Brandon (H21)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say RAAAge. I’m not interested in it. I know the tables can be turned and someone could trick-talk me into it, but I’m kind of over the post-apocalyptic mutant-filled mess. That’s just me. That’s probably the one game out of all of them I can’t talk myself into.

Josh (Joshleedotcom)

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is registering a big ol’ zero on my care-o-meter. None of the previous three could hold my interest more than a few hours, so I won’t even be starting this one. The only thing Ubisoft could do with the series that would grab my attention at this point is to make a game entirely from Desmond’s point of view. I won’t be holding my breath.

Also, I just can’t seem to get excited for The Old Republic. Star Wars plus Bioware should equal an instant win (it did twice already), but the footage I’ve seen just looks way too MMO-y. I’m so tired of just standing there and pressing number keys over and over. I’m sure the story elements and voice acting will be decent, but I require deeper gameplay at this point. Why couldn’t we just get KOTOR Effect? Someone in the beta please tell me that I’m wrong about this one.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

I’d like to second Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and The Old Republic. I think I just got burnt out on the first AC trying to find all of those stupid flags. I’ve had more enjoyable achievement whoring moments. I also haven’t played a Star Wars game since the SNES so I don’t know why I’d start now. I’m just not that interested in anything Star Wars.


I will have to admit that both Dead Island and Deus Ex are no where near my radar. I don’t play a lot of zombie games and I am burned out on the genre. We should nickname this console era the First Person Zombie Era (don’t steal my IP Josh!). I will admit that after seeing a Rage commercial on ESPN (they know their audience) last night, there is a new blip grazing the outskirts of my radar. It looks like the game could be a lot of fun, but could we get some games with colors other than brown or a distinct variation of brown?

Battlefield 3

Some are hot and some are cold, but nonetheless this game will be awesome.


Rage is definately on my list, but I understand why some people may not be interested since along with zombies, apocalyptic settings are nearing their saturation point. These are the same people that will be killed very early on should any of these scenarios occur, but I respect their mentality.

I just don’t know enough about Deus Ex to be excited or interested in it. I hear it’s good, but it never struck me like other titles have. I am sure I could be convinced, but at this time there are just too many other games that have my attention.

No Assassin’s Creed game has ever interested in me and I like my Star Wars like I like my cryptoozoological creatures: rare.


That better not have been a jab at me for being done with the apocalyptic settings. I would argue I would know a lot about how to survive in those scenarios – assuming I survived the initial onslaught. I just am not really into Rage. Deus Ex is another game that never made it on my radar and still hasn’t. Probably because I never really played the original which seems to be the target audience.

Justin L

I still don’t know why I did the 180 on Rage to make it a must buy, but it just won me over and I want a more traditional shooter next to my more heady games. And Brandon, Ethan is our Head of Apocalyptic Survival so although we have all been through extensive video game training, I still advise that you seek out his crew of survivors when tragedy inevitably strikes.

I underestimated just how many gamers haven’t played the original Deus Ex, but my interest in the latest games comes from the fact that it is the opposite of Rage. I also need  a heady shooter to balance out my playlist. Plus, when was the lost time you got lost in a cybernetic universe?

I also have to give an apologetic meh of disinterest to Resistance 3. Although it is getting solid reviews, the first games never drew me in and Uncharted seems to be the only one that can convince me to turn on my PS3 these days.


Another apocalyptic setting? Sounds good to most of us.


Hahaha, not a jab as I’m unaware of your survival apptitude. Anyone who can add to the survival crew is welcome, though the leadership battle may occur at some point.

Resistance 3 is a tough one for me as well. As stated, not playing 2 yet is holding me back.


As with any apocalyptic setting requiring a band of survivors to do battle with mutants, zombies or other survivors, there will inevitably be a battle for leadership. It’s nothing personal, but it’s in the cards…as they say.

Justin L

You are correct, are you sure you aren’t reconsidering your stance on Rage then? It could give you a leg up.

Justin G (GiffTor)

Although, if the last two games in the world were Battlefield 3 and MW3, I’d go with Battlefield, I’m (not surprisingly) uninterested in it. Without trying to sound like a broken-nintendo-record, everything I’ve seen of Skyward Sword looks almost exactly like Ocarina…which came out over a decade ago. I’m with Justin and JP and Ethan – even though I sort of got stuck and gave up on Darksiders, it was a better Zelda game than Zelda and I’m looking forward to Darksiders 2. I think the one surprise from me is that I’m only peripherally interested in The Old Republic. It’s Bioware plus Star Wars, which should be right up my alley, but it’s just…not. The fact that it’s an MMO has something to do with it, but seeing it at PAX just didn’t give me the tingle I thought it would despite the fact that it’s an MMO. <shrug>

Oh yeah…and Dead Island. Completely failed to garner my attention, but as my buddy Spicer pointed out, I’m not a big fan of 1st person melee games, anyway, so that probably has a lot to do with it. I’ll keep my survival skills up with L4D2, thanks.

Resistance 3

Is anyone a fan of Resistance?

Cole (Colefacekilla)

There are so many games coming out that I have to keep my interests few and far between. I’m meh on more games this year than I ever have but that could just be because of how many supposedly great games are coming out. Rage is not on my radar whatsoever. id or no id, I don’t care. AC: Revelations will be a purchase down the road as well as Skyrim but I’m not so eager to get to those either. Resistance is just plain uninteresting as is most everything else to me right now. Basically I don’t want any games other than Gears, Batman, Battlefield 3, and Uncharted 3.

Oh and going against popular opinion, I’m looking forward to playing Skyward Sword. I don’t care if it’s derivative of every other Zelda game ever made. It’s still Zelda and that fanboy child inside of me won’t let me pass it up.

Do we know for a fact that Old Republic is coming out before Christmas?

I forgot to add Mass Effect 3 to my list of gets. Jesus, broke and no time to play makes Colefacekilla a sad boy.


I honestly am to the point now that I just want all of these games in my hand, and at least one solid week to grow a wicked beard and play these games. I don’t even want to see the sun during that week. The build up for these titles can only be described for me as a drawn out adult Christmas. I know that we have talked about these games in every direction possible, but I am curious as to what game will be the surprise. I can’t wait to see our conversations at at the end of the year as we talk about or favorites for 2011 and what really surprised us. The Grimmies should spark some fun and interesting conversation. January will be here before we know it, but we are getting one hell of a finish to a great year of games.


Mega Beard Fall? Sounds like a good plan JP, I’m in. Speaking of Grimmies, perhaps “Best Beard as a Result of Extended Game Play Sessions During Mega Release Fall” will be needed.

I think it will be interesting to see what titles fail and what titles blow us away. I kind of hope some of them suck because I don’t know how I’ll be able to split my time up and carry on the normal functionality of a working Joe.


I would have to agree with Ethan’s category suggestion for the Grimmies. I’m willing to bet that the axe wielding Khijat I create in Skyrim will cause serious beard growth.

Justin G

I like the sound of that. Not that I need an excuse to grow a beard, but…

Justin L

That’d the ironic thing about this conversation. It is full of hope that some of these games suck so we don’t have to worry about them.

Gears of War 3

We can all agree on this.


There are so many games coming out this fall that we’d have to be millionaires (or sitting on Justin L’s domain money) to afford all of the great games that are coming out this fall. There are going to be some games that slip through the cracks. Some of those cracks will be patched in the Spring, and some are purposely there. What games are you not looking forward to this upcoming holiday season?


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  1. JP LaFrance

    One game that NOBODY has mentioned that is now peaking a little interest for me is Disney Universe. I think this is only because of Kingdom Hearts (and my wife and I go to Disney every year). If it plays like LBP and gets decent reviews I may have to go see what’s what.

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