Max Payne 3 Loses More than Just Hair

Max Payne 3

Max! Max?

Another too long in development Rockstar game emerges from the shadows as Max Payne 3 finally hits us with a trailer. We get a glimpse of the aging alcoholic private security agent that Max has become as things quickly turn for the worse. Rockstar is no slouch when it comes to cutting a cinematic trailer, but they have proclaimed that all of the footage is in-game footage. Even if that is true, the trailer doesn’t give too much of a glimpse of the actual gameplay, but it does succeed in reestablishing Max a modern video game character worth playing as. Max is surely promising an engrossing story and plenty of painkilling and pain inducing action.

I had my doubts as to whether or not Max Payne 3 would make it out this generation, but consider yourselves on notice that Rockstar is going to make Max happen. Max is looking much more interesting than his 2nd outing, and with a new developer at the helm I expect the game to feel as dramatically different as the setting change. Look for Max Payne 3 on your PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 come March of 2012.


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