Just 5 More Minutes: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

I wake up. Nearing noon after a night of debauchery, I rummage around the floor underneath my bed. Finding thecartridge I want to play, I blow the dust away from the connectors and slide it in. Pressing down until it catches, the game is ready to be played. I press the power button, the red light reflects in my eyes. I am ready to go but is Glass Joe?

Little Mac, you're our only hope.

After dispatching everyone from Piston Honda to Soda Popinski, I finally come face to face with the man the game was named for: Mike Tyson. The most feared boxer inside the real life ring as well as the virtual one. Only a blink of an eye can guide me to victory.

Beating me faster than I can run to the console and rage reset, I can barely replay what happened in my head. It only takes him three punches before  ref Mario runs out and text announces TKO. The wink and flexing bicep has me close to tossing the controller across the room. I need practice before facing “Iron” Mike again.

At the password prompt on the title screen, I enter 007-373-5963. It warps me right to Tyson and right back to the title screen a few moments later. Hours pass and still I’m no closer to beating him than I was at the start of the day.

Whoever said “persistance pays off” was right, because each time I face Tyson, I get a little better. I start knocking him down. Once a fight. Twice a fight. Twice in the same round. Yet, Little Mac still won’t raise his hands in victory.

It is possible.

Then it happens. My hands become clammy. The controller is struggling to stay in my grasp. I stop breathing. With barely any time left on the fast ticking clock, he goes down for the third time.

Mario comes hustling out of the side hatch, raises his hand and announces Little Mac’s victory. My victory. I finally beat Mike Tyson.

In the Second Round.


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  1. endlessben

    Haha I’ve had those moments where I had been concentrating really hard on something and after I finally beat it or accomplished it, I realize I wasn’t breathing during it and my knuckles are white around the controller.

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