Does August 2011 Matter? – The Horrible Show 091411

The Horrible ShowThe full cast reunites for the first time in a month as Justin, Cole, Ethan, Justin, and Josh overanalyze August’s headlines. PS3 price drop, Origin troubles, real cash in Diablo 3, indie games rising, plus something called Mega Release Fall. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

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Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Ethan, Justin G, Josh

00:50 – Intro
03:02 – Shout-Outs
15:20 – On the Spot Question
22:47 – Headlines of August
23:10 – Super Monday Night Combat goes Freemium
27:13 – Release Info – Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Twisted Metal, Kinect Star Wars Kinect
34:22 – PS3 Price Drop
39:00 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Reviews and Vouchers
47:44 – Diablo 3 Real Money
57:40 – Indie Games Summer Uprising
1:00:20 – Norway says no to violent games
1:02:57 – PSN Games not on XBLA
1:10:14 – Battlefield 3 not on Steam
1:18:54 – Which Headlines Matter?
1:26:15 – Updates
1:28:30 – Off-topic and Threesomes of the Week

Game Industry Shout Outs:
ColeWTF Final Fantasy XIII-3 Domains
Justin G – Quantic Dreams CEO vs Used Games Sales
JoshDead Island is fun
EthanTrenched to Iron Brigade
Justin L – PC Games! Hard Reset and Serious Sam 3: BFE

Threesomes of the Week:
ColeRed State, Portal 2, Joe Rogan Experience
Justin GBastion, Richard Cheese, Dylan Dog
JoshSupernatural, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Steven Seagal is The Final Option
EthanGangs of New York, Eat Them!, 3lbs of Mexican Food
Justin LSons of Anarchy, Mega Ran 9, Rock of Ages

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4 Comments Does August 2011 Matter? – The Horrible Show 091411

  1. moses5885

    I think Josh Lee and Seagal are the best final options. seagal better of course but Lee is a second. Very distant but 2nd at least.

  2. Ethan Moses

    I agree, though Josh Lee is a much closer second in my eyes. Your second option seems to equate to more of a fifth or sixth option, mine is a true second option if not closer to a first and a half option.

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