Hey! Watch! 20 Disc Secret of Mana Soundtrack Unboxing

If there is something Secret of Mana related on this website, you know it has been written by me. A few months ago I mentioned that Square would be released a 20 disc compilation of the music from all the games in the Seiken Densetsu series (Mana). It comes out today in Japan for $200 but unless you import it  (which will cost more) it is unlikely that it will ever reach the shores of the good ol’ USA. Hell, we will probably get a USB stick with the Secret of Evermore soundtrack on it instead.

Secret of Mana Music

Nice package

The book looks pretty sweet, even though the text is in Japanese. But it is really all about the music and every game is covered. From the first Seiken Densetsu (Final Fantasy Adventure) to Heroes of Mana, there are hours upon hours of beautiful orchestral renditions of your favorite Mana music to listen to. So if you have a lot of disposable income and love the Mana series, you might want to import the book. It will be the only chance you get to hear all that Mana goodness.