REPLY TO ALL: Gut Check on Upcoming Releases Fall 2011

Joined by our friend Brandon (H21) from we want to know what you know. Between E3, Gamescom, and PAX there has been plenty of new info on upcoming releases, this week let’s talk through any recent changes to your must buy or will not buy lists and what made you change your mind?

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

What I’ve learned from the upcoming releases is that I definitely am not going to buy as many games as I thought, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has a lot to do with that. The game is going to be giant and I think it deserves full focus, something that I cannot possibly accomplish with a multitude of other games screaming for attention. The dragons alone will be worth hours upon hours of time investment as I have never trusted dragons and am ready to take out my frustration on them.


Number 1 on a few of our lists, but then there won't be time for other games.

Rage is still a huge priority though I am worried that my recent Borderlands and Fallout: New Vegas stints might take some of the steam out of that game. I know id is going to produce a phenomenal product, but I’ve been in barren, post apocalyptic settings for over 100 hours of gameplay in the last year. That being said, the recent videos have been helpful in making me realize that Rage is going to be the best of both those games combined into what and the driving sequences have been enticing.

Battlefield 3 actually took a huge drop in my opinion, not because I don’t want it but because the whole Origin set up is a bit wonky. I tested the Alpha and not having access to an in-game browser is ridiculous. The game was fun, but I don’t like the work around method of playing that’s being presented to me. Unlike most games, the more I know about BF3 the less I want it.

JP (JPizzle151)

My list is still very strong and not changed. I am still waiting to see what will be the surprise hit of the season (if there is one). Ethan, I am very intrigued about why you are going cold on Battlefield. Are the issues you speak of PC or console related? I have decided I will cave on Modern Warfare 3 since I’m going to get it anyway. I just have to come to grips with it now. Hell, I asked my wife to get my the game for Christmas already (Battlefield is more of a priority). I just have to figure out what she should pick up for my birthday (early October). I’m thinking I am going with Batman: Arkham City.

Brandon (H21)

I am still planning on spending way too much money this holiday season. Gears of War 3 keeps looking like a no-brainer, and Skyrim looks like a stupid move if I don’t get it. I am planning on duel warfare with MW3 and BF3. The list just keeps going. Things I got my eyes on but haven’t committed to include Batman, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Dead Island. Dead Island is released next week, and as a lover of zombie games I have high hopes for it. I just want to know it’s a solid game before shelling out the money for it.

Rage is one I can’t quite convince myself to buy yet. I’m kind of getting tired of the whole apocalyptic setting that it provides. I know Id has a great history of shooters, but honestly, I just haven’t been “sold” on the idea of buying it yet. I know I’m probably in the minority on this one.

Justin L (JDevL)

Rage is definitely the game I’ve come around on the most. Recent trailers and then getting my hands on it at PAX pushed this in a direction of must buy. It should fill my “slightly different” shooter quota for the season, as the gunplay just feels incredible and I’ve never seen enemies react to being shot like these crazy bastards. I’d advise everyone to keep their wallets available until they get hands-on with this one, just in case it surprises you.

BF3 and MW3 have both fallen completely off my holiday list. Unless there is a resurgence in our gaming circles of a fun multiplayer crowd for BF3 (as that is my preferred mp style of the two), I’m content to just sit back and witness these games (and their subsequent fanboy fallout). I could still be surprised by one or the other, but my draw to a standard military shooter is just waning lately. My guns need a more fantastical side to them than just looking modern.


No one told me that there was a crossbow in Rage.

I’m glad I don’t have to wait long to find out about Dead Island, but that game could be great or terrible or maybe zombie fatigue will hit all of us at the same exact moment.. Just impossible to tell at this point.

Actually, the game I’m most on the fence about is Dance Central 2. I’m weary of investing more into the Kinect and music games. Feeling kind of burned since moving all of my Rock Band gear recently. However, it comes out right before a lot of large friends/family gatherings where those games shine. Dammit.


Ah, see? You had the benefit of getting hands on with Rage. I just live it every day (I kid). Like I said, maybe it’s just post-apocalyptic burnout getting to me, or I am just burned out already on all the games I’m likely purchasing.

I completely agree with you on Dead Island. This game will either be great or terrible. I love zombies and the premise of the game, but what will make it is the co-op portion of the game.

Josh (joshleedotcom)

The more trailers, gameplay footage, and interviews I watch, the more games get added to my must-buy list. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to sell a kidney to afford all the games I want this year.

The recent in-game footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines, combined with a Blu-ray viewing of Aliens last weekend, has me back on the hype train for that one. Like Ethan, I’m also planning a poopsock weekend with Skyrim in November. Somehow I missed that walkthrough video GT did at E3 until recently. Holy bananas! That game is looking good. Also, having seen Space Marine in action at GenCon, and with the recent series of developer walkthroughs it will now be a day one purchase. Good on THQ and Relic for making me understand what they are trying to do with that game.

I am going a bit cold on games like Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3. I will play them, and I’m sure they will be great, but what are they bringing to a crowded table full of more innovative experiences, new IP’s and much less iterative sequels?

Justin L

Felt the same way about Rage, burnout on shooters and post apocalypse, but just stay your opinion until you can get your hands on a demo is my advice.

If Aliens: Colonial Marines is great, that will be the surprise of the year next year in my opinion and further solidify Gearbox as one of the go to developers of this generation. I’m still undecided on Space Marine though, but I’m also kind of scared to open the door to Warhammer 40k as that sounds like it could get dangerous considering how much other 40k content is out there.

Justin G (GiffTor)

I think that, especially after PAX, my list has changed a little bit but not expanded or shrunk much. Although Battlefield 3 looks great, I’m not sure I’m able to return to the non-cybernetic/biotic/symbiotic-enhanced shooter, particularly after seeing Prey 2 demo-ed. If I was planning on Battlefield 3 at or shortly after release, it’s been bumped from the list by Prey 2. Also not previously on the list was Lord of the Rings: War in the North, which looks like tons of fun but wasn’t on my radar at all before PAX. Other than that, Skyrim will still be a later purchase (it looks great, but I’m just not that psyched about it) while Gears of War 3Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 are still going to be pre-ordered (but not at GameStop, which is now on the boycott list with WalMart and Domino’s Pizza). I’ll also be picking up some of the indie games that we saw at PAX, but since those have a much lower financial impact, they’re more impulse buys than considered decisions.

War in the North

Sorry Coop, no boomsticks. But head removal is still an option.

Aliens: Colonial Marines looks awesome. I sat through their demo and from the passion the Gearbox guys have for the project, combined with the gameplay demo I saw, I’m even more excited than I was before. Rage is another one where I might-or-might-not pick it up. I know Justin L. is totally sold on it, but I think I may be suffering from the same post-apocalyptic fatigue that Brandon is. Dance Central 2, on the other hand? It’s going to go in the same section of my game collection as Dance Central, which is to say: not in it. As for Dead Island…I just can’t work up very much excitement about it. If I have a desire to kill zombies, there’s always Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, which I still haven’t played. When it comes down to it, though, I think the biggest shift is the post-PAX-holy-shit reaction to all of the indie/downloadable titles that are coming out between/including now and Christmastime. Man, there’s a lot of good stuff there!

Cole (Colefacekilla)

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by all these great games that will be coming out. I’ve been trying to come up with something for two days now and it makes my brain hurt. I don’t know what the hell I am or am not getting other than Batman, Mass Effect 3, and Gears of War 3. Everything else will be as it comes I guess. I’m so far behind in my current queue that adding to it is a daunting task, but one that I will gleefully take up I’m sure.

I wanted to get Battlefield 3 and continue to live up to my boycott of Call of Duty but I don’t know if that will be possible. I’ve been craving a military FPS for a while now and have been slightly tempted by the recent sales of MW2, but once West and Zampanella left I vowed to leave that franchise too. Battlefield looks amazing but I need a group of friends to make it that much better.

It’s getting to the point of retiring from work just to play video games. Not an altogether horrible prospect, but my wife might not be too happy. Which reminds me, I’ll probably have to get Dance Central 2. She loved the first game and still plays it pretty regularly for cardio purposes. The new dances and new song prospects as well as the ability to transfer the old songs over has her salivating. God dammit, this year is insane. And then at the beginning of next year we get Twisted Metal and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

I’m definitely a little overwhelmed. There’s more coming out that I want to play than I know I’ll have time to. PAX didn’t really influence my priorities too much other than point out a few Indie games that I’m keeping my eyes out for. With the major titles, I knew I was getting Gears 3 and that didn’t change. I was already planning on getting Rage, but playing it in person just solidified that decision. That’s definitely next after Gears. I confirmed that I need to play The Darkness II, but if I don’t get to it right away I won’t be super disappointed. If you enjoyed the first you should definitely check it out.

Battlefield 3

We've got Battlefield 3 in our sights, but maybe not at launch.

Regarding the Military shooters, they’re starting to turn into the Guitar Hero games for me. There’s just so many of them that I’m not really keeping up anymore. I’ll end up getting Battlefield 3 at some point if everyone else does just for the multiplayer side of it, but I won’t rush out and get it for the campaign. I still haven’t played through the campaign for Bad Company 2. I’m also pretty much done with Call of Duty, unless I see it cheap in a bargain bin some day and I’m bored out of my mind with my other choices. I guess the biggest PAX influence for me would be Prey 2. I never played the first, and had no idea there was going to be a sequel, but the demo looked awesome. I can’t say I’ll buy it on release day, but I’ve definitely added it to my list.


I’m overwhelmed as hell, and I forgot about Gears of War 3! It was almost better when games were more spread out because it’s tough to get excited when it’s coming from all sides. Video games are almost becoming a job for me (wait a second, I guess that already happened thanks to this damn site).

I think this will be a great opportunity to learn patience and wait for price drops comes spring/summer because there is no way I’m going to be able to tackle all these games and maintain a marriage and two cats, unless of course I can deal with sleeping on the couch and a lack of kitty hugs (so important, like vitamins for your heart).

To answer your question JP, I still think BF3 will be awesome and will still eventually own it, but EA is doing some weird stuff and I don’t trust that it’s not going to hamper the experience. Again, no in-game browser for PC? That’s insane.


EA just needs to stop overthinking BF3. The fans are ready to like something besides CoD, but they sure are making it hard to support them and their game. It’s definitely jaded me at this point.

I forgot about Lord of the Rings. I still think Ill be waiting on reviews for that one as Champions of Norrath was pretty buggy, and we haven’t heard much from Snowblind since. But if it turns out to be a 20+ hour game with plenty of co-op goodness, I’m in for slicing orcs to pieces.

I do need some help though, I played the Space Marine demo, and it still feels off. While the melee was really satisfying (nice executions), the guns felt pretty weak. I need something stronger to pull me into that weird ass 40k universe.

Space Marine

Dead orks everywhere but still something a little off with this one.


I have to admit that Call of Duty XP has made me feel that I don’t need to get MW3 the minute it comes out. I am very disappointed in what a lot of the community has to say about the multiplayer features. Saying that a game looks, feels, and plays like a 2 year old game is not a good thing. I am basically hearing that the game looks and tastes like chicken so it must be chicken. No matter the method you cook and deliver chicken, it will still be chicken. A lot of the community feels that this a good thing (mostly Machinima). I’m just not that excited to get my hands on a game that is running on a stale engine. I am also disappointed that a lot of the features that Treyarch added are going away. The contract system and wager matches were a nice addition to the multiplayer experience. I sit here with the feeling that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are thinking the making MW2 2.0 is good enough to pass off as a new game. They need to take a break and build a new engine because the games I am most excited for feature new tech (Skyrim & BF3). I strongly feel that if there is no hiatus soon, Call of Duty will go the way of Guitar Hero.


I do like chicken, but I hate stale chicken and stale shooters. Is anyone open minded about MW3 at this point?


I will admit that I’m more excited about BF3 than MW3 at this point. The problem with the CoD situation is so many of my friends are on that ship, and by not getting that game is like ditching my friends. It’s a tough place to be, but I definitely agree that they will need to take a break soon and innovate something or CoD will become nothing soon. I also think it’s ridiculous to spend $120 on a game that has a new iteration every single year.

Perhaps this is the year innovation takes the front seat and drive the gaming industry. By this, I mean, look at some of the most anticipated titles due out this fall and look at the new features they are looking to bring. It’s a pretty heavy number in comparison to more recent years. Would you agree?


Friends don’t let friends play Call of Duty. If they are a lost cause, time to trade them in for new ones. Just don’t do it at Gamestop. Their TIV on people is pretty low.

I think this holiday season has us all pumped because there are so many quality titles, and so few holes left unfilled. You’ve got innovative sequels, trilogy wrap-ups, exciting new IP’s, HD re-releases of old favorites and a bunch of great looking indie games in a variety of genres.

Luckily for us, the publishers are sending out a ridiculous amount of information and media from these games due to the crowded release schedule. I feel pretty confident that my money is going towards games that I will enjoy.

Justin L

Coming from the only man here to play Brink.

Ouch. Too far?


So, I’m an optimist. At least I saved everyone $60.

Also, I don’t learn lessons from mistakes. I just bought Dead Island before reading any reviews.

Modern Warfare 3

It will be a spectacle but we aren't buying.


Call of Duty is the modern day Counter-Strike. I think by now most people buy into it for the multiplayer side. The main issue is if you haven’t been playing online since at least Modern Warfare, you’re going to get schooled to the fact that it isn’t fun to even try. It has a very difficult entry point this late in the game. People who are already in keep upgrading because they’re invested and want to move with the rest of the pack, but I think they’ve peaked and from now one can only really lose their audience.

BTW… Brink is $16.99 on Amazon right now. If it makes it to $9.99 I’m sold.

Justin G

Thanks for that, Josh. Way to take one for the team.


I think I’m with most of you who are just tired of all things Call of Duty. Which is sad because I loved the first MW game and got bored of MW2 fairly quickly after purchase since multiplayer was just new maps basically. So there will be no MW3 purchase.

There are many other sequels out there for people to pick up. Stop giving money to Activision and give it to Warner Bros. They have a crap load of games coming out. And since every R2A has to end in a Batman conversation, Batman is coming out. Forget about MW.


Holy schnikes! There are a lot of games coming out this fall. Some of us won’t get to the ones we want to while others will still have them shrink wrapped come 2012. Remember, there’s never enough time in the day for games this year more than any other. What games did we miss that you are looking forward to?


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