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Zelda II FPS

Remember back when Nintendo blew everyone away with their original franchises, then proceeded to confuse their new fans by releasing questionable sequels? Zelda II: The Adventure of Link made a big switch to 2-D side-scrolling that people either loved or hated. I do not have fond memories of Zelda II, only that it was frustrating and repetitive. I can’t tell if Michael A. Johnston was a fan of the first game or if he was trying to fix it, but he has released Zelda II FPS and remade the game in 3D. You can play the game in your browser using the Unity plug-in that will prompt you for installation if you do not have it.

While not a true remake of the entire game, Zelda II FPS hits all right the nostalgic notes, and remains true to the original by being frustratingly vague in laying out your objective. Give a try and good luck with the skeletons.


Play Zelda II FPS

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  1. robeque

    I tried this out, and more than anything was remembering how impressive the unity player can be. This game here is well done… props to Michael A Johnston for a quality job. That being said I’m not sure I could actually play through the whole game. I never played the original, but it seems very repetitive like you said. An impressive remake/rendition nonetheless!

  2. colefacekilla

    I on the other hand love Zelda II. Probably because it was the first Zelda game that I owned. But this…I’m not so sure. Those flying eye balls (especially the invisible ones) were the death of me in 2D, they’ll be damn near impossible in 3D

  3. JDevL

    That’s where I’m at Rob. It’s an impressive feat, and captures the gameplay/spirit of the original. Cool and memorable, definitely. That doesn’t necessarily make it fun and playable.

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