Deep Silver Offering Treats to PC Gamers Affected by Broken Dead Island Downloads

Dead Island

Too bad Deep Silver can't fix the zombie epidemic they started...the things people do for entertainment

Anyone that purchased the PC version of Dead Island on launch day is probably well aware of the fact that the game was not exactly the breathtaking piece of art that last year’s trailer made it appear. This may have been because the trailer went for drama when the game was mostly visceral action or because Deep Silver accidently released a broken debug version of the game. Put your pitchforks and torches away though as Deep Silver has already released the correct version in addition to a patch with a bevy of fixes that should tighten the game up. Additionally, those affected by the problematic zombie massacre simulator can expect a little treat from the publisher, though what that treat is has not been specified.

Seeing as people hate waiting for information, I’ve taken the Fox News approach to journalism and created a list of wild speculation in relation to the “treat” that those affected can expect:

1. A funny hat

2. Free popcorn for life

3. Scuba gear

4. A week where it’s ok to eat breakfast for all meals (especially waffles).

5. A license to kill…with hugs! (it’s still murder, just cuddly murder)


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