Games of September Hurt So Good

Games of September

We hope you enjoyed your summer because it is officially over. This is just the beginning of the flood of fall releases and we are here to help you navigate the river of games. Below you’ll find a list of the top games on our radar by release date, and if that wasn’t enough for your our staff offers some preview material for the games most likely to take sacrifices from our wallets.

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Here’s what has our attention this September

Gears of War 3


Gears of War 3

JP – You mean to tell me there are more releases than just Gears of War 3 this month? I’m joking, but I just can’t wait to get my hands on Gears. I am most excited for Horde 2.0. I can not wait to see how tower defense will work, and I love the addition of Reavers and Brumaks into the Horde gameplay. I also can’t wait to get my hands on the multiplayer since I have all of my stats from the beta waiting for me to be imported into the game. Oh yeah, there is also a conclusion to a solid story that needs to be played out. I just hope this crew will band together for some serious 4 player co-op action. Having a good community of gamers to play with also adds to the genuine excitement for me as well.

Brandon – A must buy in my book. It’s time to see how it ends, and the multiplayer aspects of the game are greatly improved. I have seen a ton of great information about the game, and I think it will be one that I will kick myself for not getting so it’s an already must buy. I think I’m sensing an Open Gaming Night or Horrible Gaming Night in the works on this title. We’d be stupid if we didn’t. Who’s with me?

Justin L – As if I had a choice or a single doubt that I wouldn’t see through the series that made me make the leap to this generation of consoles. Not only that, but it’s is going to be the multiplayer game of my holiday season and on into the apocalyptic new year. Hey, at least I’ll be prepared.

Josh –  It’s weird that I’m so excited to play this game. Nothing about it looks new or different from the previous two. I’m reminded of how I felt just before Halo 3 launched. The story up to that point wasn’t that great, but I wanted to see it through to the end anyway. Also, I know I’m going to have a blast with the Horrible crew in multiplayer, even if it is just more of the same.

Andrew – I don’t think it’s any surprise that I’ve had Gears 3 pre-ordered for as long as it’s been available. Nothing really needs to be said about that game. It’s going to be awesome, and I’m considering taking a vacation day so I can play through it on launch day. I’m looking forward to stabbing all of you with my gold retro lancer.

Justin G – There’s hardly any point in putting this on the list. It’s Gears of War 3, so you know I’m buying it. Heck, you probably know I pre-ordered it and I’m going to play through twice (once on hard core and once on insane) before I come up for air. It’s the end of the saga, I got a healthy dose of the mulitplayer early this summer, and it’s been almost two months since I’ve torque-bowed anybody. (Sorry, Alex.)

Cole – Gears of War 3 is Gears through and through. Everyone will be buying this game and I will be getting my ass kicked in multiplayer. I can’t wait. Good god there are a ton of games coming out this month.

Ethan – Do I really have to say anything about this game? I see this as being the Horrible Night go to game for the next year or so and am excited to dive into everything it has to offer. I have absolutely no reservations about purchasing this game and even if I did I think the rest of the guys would mock me. Horde 2.0 is probably going to be the more anticipated part of this game for me as it’s been enhanced for more depth and is more appealing to me than the competitive mode. The Lambent scare me, they need to die.

The Gunstringer

Who hasn't wanted to shoot one of these stupid things?

The Gunstringer

Andrew – I just downloaded The Gunstringer demo, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. It’s another game that caught my eye at PAX. At the time I didn’t actually know that it was Kinect game, so that actually scores some bonus points for me right away, having thought that someone was playing it with a controller. I honestly don’t know much about it, but I’m hoping that Twisted Pixel pulls through like they typically do. I’ll give the demo a try and if it passes the test I may give it a go depending on what my to do list is looking like.

Justin G – I’m getting The Gunstringer. I don’t think it’s going to be a release-day purchase, but it’s Tim Schaefer, it’s a cowboy skeleton with googly eyes, and it looks like a blast. It also looks family friendly enough that I can add it to my list of games in my collection that I can play with young and impressionable relatives. With Gunstringer, I think that’ll make it 4…

Cole – The Gunstringer looks to be like my next Kinect game. The “sit down and play” aspect of a Kinect game shows me that there could be better things in the future for the platform. Let’s hope it is decent because if it’s not there might not be any more orignal games developed for the Kinect.

Justin L – I’m buying this on premise and support of Twisted Pixel alone. I’ll get behind any sort of playable creativity on the Kinect and I respect anyone trying to make a truly original experience catered to the strengths of this underutilized device. Plus you know Twisted Pixel is always good for a few laughs regardless of how the game plays.

Dead Island

Zombies just got a bit more personal.

Dead Island

Brandon – As a zombie lover, this has been on my radar before there was a radar worthy of having on this game. I heard about it a couple years back and wondered if it would come to fruition. When they released the game, I firmly put myself in “wait until reviews” on buying it. What’s the most intriguing part of the game is its Borderlands-esque co-op style. There’s no difference between single player and multiplayer story lines, and who doesn’t love to beat the holy hell out of zombies with some friends. The reviews have been most positive, and some close friends who took the plunge on release day are mostly positive as well. So now the reviews are coming in, the needle is inching ever closer to the buy threshold.

Ethan – This game looks and sounds fun, but the idea of a melee based FPS game scares me. Condemned was difficult for me to get in to and while that was more standard FPS fare, the focus of the action can make or break any game, even for a zombie lover like me. It also looks like co-op is a big focus in this game, but I struggle finding the time to play online with people, so I feel like I’ll be missing out on a huge part of the game. I am waiting this game out and hope it goes on sale on Steam or Amazon.

Space Marine

Ok, that looks satisfying.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Justin G – Even thought the Ultramarine armor really bothers me – it looks kind of silly, it’s so oversized – Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine looks pretty darned awesome. I like the three different faction dynamic and I’m even a little nervous that I’ll get really into the Warhammer universe because of the game. Also, a chainsaw sword? Yes, please. I will say that my only concern is that I might get space-marined out, what with only two weeks between the release of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine and Gears of War 3. What am I saying!? Never mind. I was being ridiculous. Bring it on, Orks!

Ethan – Huge 40k fan and I absolutely loved the Dawn of War series, which strangely enough holds the key to the reservations I have for this game. RTS worked well for the 40K universe and while I think it’s more than capable of supporting an action title, I am afraid it might be underwhelming after the huge battles I took part in on my PC. I’ll wait on the reviews for this one and maybe even sit back until it goes on sale.


Wake up, someone wants to give you a good game finally.

BloodRayne: Betrayal

Josh – WayForward is on a hot streak. I have the utmost faith that the current champions of 2D side-scrolling will be the ones to finally make a BloodRayne game that doesn’t suck total ass. Also, the artwork and animation is absolutely gorgeous. From what I’ve seen, this is one of those games (not unlike Vanillaware’s titles) that reminds us that hand drawn artwork can still compete with, and is some cases eclipse the latest 3D visual extravaganzas.

Justin L – Rayne has never looked so good and it looks like she wants a role in my favorite series as Betrayal is oozing all kinds of Castlevania-wannabeitis. I’m ok with that, because I want another Castlevania and the animation stylings of this title are making me thirsty.

Cole – BloodRayne looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It looks like a different take on Castlevania and you all know how much I love Symphony of the Night.

Shadow of the Colossus

They aren't short.

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Josh – Shadow of the Colossus is in my top ten, and Ico is a game that I enjoyed but never got to finish. SotC, especially, was handicapped by the PS2’s limited hardware, resulting in a very choppy framerate throughout. From what I’ve seen of this HD collection, the framerate is now silky smooth and the upscaling really does the beautiful artwork justice. The fantastic gameplay is left untouched, which is fine by me. I’m definitely ready to experience these two games again.

Cole – The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection is probably the game I’m most excited for. I never got the chance to play those two games when they were first released and I can’t wait to final use my PS3 again. It’s sad and lonely next to all the love my 360 has been getting. It will be a nice change of pace for some great games.

Justin L – Here’s the game most likely to make me dust off my PS3 before Uncharted 3. I’ve never played Ico but I can’t wait to play SotC the way it was meant to be seen considering it almost broke the PS2 by pushing it so hard.

Resistance 3

Things still aren't going well for the resistance.

Best of the Rest

Resistance 3 – Ethan: I was really looking forward to this game last year, but still haven’t played the sequel so it’s not going to get purchased until that happens. The game looks cool and I like the desperate, depressing setting but I need continuity in my gaming. It being a Sony exclusive is another knock against the game as I’ve been pretty cold to that company as of late. Hmm, I guess it appears I’m not quite as excited as I was, amazing what a cool trailer can do.

X-Men Destiny – Josh:  I like the X-Men, and I like action RPG’s, but I don’t always like Silicon Knights’ games. If the gameplay looks solid, I might pick this one up, but only after reading some reviews. Unfortunately, whether or not this game is any good, it’s still going to get overlooked at retail.

Hard Reset – Justin L: No idea where in the hell this game came from, but one walkthrough and the mention of Painkiller developers and I was sold. It’s a PC only shooter, but there’s something old school about the circle strafing battles that I have gone too long without having in my life. Plus the enemies are robots, and I haven’t shot near enough of those recently either.

Star Fox 64 3D – Ben: I can’t say that I expected to find myself trying to convince myself not to buy a 3DS. As it is though, more and more of the time I find for gaming is sitting on the subway during my morning and evening commute so the vast majority of my gaming lately has been on my phone. It occurred to me recently, however that I could instead be playing Ocarina of Time or now, Star Fox 64. It’s getting tougher to find a downside. I really enjoyed the game on N64, why not take it with me in my pocket? Sure, I might elbow people as I’m controlling the game with tilt controls but hey, that’s just another day in the NYC subway. Whose morning commute wouldn’t be made better by flying an Arwing with anthropomorphic animal wingmen? Seems like a lock to me. But I shouldn’t get it, right? I mean… Right? Sigh, I’m probably going to get it anyway. Maybe I can hold off until a game price drop now that the system has come down. We’ll see.

Burnout Crash!

Crash better, crash more.

Burnout Crash! – Justin L: Don’t get me wrong, this is not what I had in mind for a downloadable version of my favorite Burnout mode. Burnout Crash! just looks strange, but it also looks ridiculously fun. When I use the word ridiculous related to a downloadable title that already validates the price of admission.

Choplifter HD – Andrew: Choplifter HD is also on my list after checking it out at PAX. I didn’t get a chance to play it, but it’s choplifter, and it’s in HD. What else do you need? It was cool to see that they’re staying true to the original game, but also adding just a little to help make it it’s own. Simply slapping HD graphics on an old classic works for a little while, but in games today we expect a little more and I don’t think it’ll disappoint. The alternate game modes, and hidden features should give the game some good replay value. I’ll more than likely be picking this one up as soon as it releases.

Rock of Ages – Ethan: I’m a big fan of rocks and ages are pretty sweet too. The appeal of this game comes from what looks to be a unique game play mechanic, though I’m not entirely sure whether this mechanic will be fun or not. Still, I have taken chances on games that look far worse and have been pleasantly surprised with them so this game will definitely have a chance at being featured in my library.

Rise of Nightmares – Justin G: I got to see some people playing this at PAX and while I don’t think I’m going to pick this up at full price (way to go on Child of Eden, you moron), it does look like it might be one of those games we’ve been waiting for on the Kinect. I need to see how well the “controls” respond, whether anyone’s learned from Halfbrick’s successes with Fruit Ninja, and whether the game is more than a one-trick pony (gruesome zombies you can beat down with a variety of melee weapons). Not that crushing zombie skulls with a pipe wrench isn’t fun, but if I’m going to buy a game for the Kinect, it’s going to have to be more than a gimmick (like 3D) – it needs to be a real game, that would stand on its own if it weren’t on the Kinect.


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