Case Your iPhone with Retro Gaming Goodness

iphone cases

There are a ton of options out there in terms of cases for iPhones, but none are as cool as the ones created by Strapya World. The site is carrying seven video game related cases in total. There are four Sega related cases (Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, and Puyo Puyo), two Final Fantasy cases (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children), and a super cool retro Famicom controller case. Made specifically for the iPhone 4, the Sega and Nintendo cases are hard while the Final Fantasy based ones are made from silicone.

The old Sega consoles have been pretty much ignored when it comes to retro stylings, so now is the chance for all of you Sega fan-boys/girls out there to show where your allegiances used to lie. The cases range from $16 to $40, pretty much in line with the pricing of regular cases. Check out Strapya World if you are interested.


Kotaku (image)