Indie Games Summer Uprising Underway on Xbox Live

Indie Games Uprising

Indie Games fans,your holiday season has come early this year. The Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising has started this week (the first game was released on Monday Aug 22) and continues through Sept 2. The community run event is releasing one game a day for two weeks on Xbox Live Indie Games. While this isn’t the first Uprising attempt, this campaign looks to be much more organized thanks to Microsoft granting the developers the ability to pick their release dates for their games. Hopefully, that small but important detail will not only help the games be much more successful, but maybe it will give XBLIG a boost in quality as well.

Check out the release list  (thanks to Shacknews) and a trailer for all of the games below:

August 22 – Raventhorne
August 23 – Battle High: San Bruno
August 24 – Cute Things Dying Violently
August 25 – T.E.C. 3001
August 26 – Doom & Destiny
August 29 – Take Arms
August 30 – SpeedRunner
August 31 – Train Frontier Express
September 1 – Chester
September 2 – Redd: The Lost Temple



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  1. Blazing Forge Games

    Due to a small issue Redd: The Lost Temple for Xbox Live has been pushed back to September 3rd instead of September 2nd. We are confident you will enjoy the game when it comes out!

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