There are Turrets in my Bastion

Bastion was just released last week on Steam and there is a nifty little surprise item in there. The Gel Cannister, with an Aperture Science logo, allows the Kid to throw down a familiar helping hand wherever he pleases. What it produces is everyone’s favorite lonely Portal turrets who then shoot every enemy that crosses its path. The turret also becomes a pet when you talk to Zia about the Gel Cannister. If you haven’t played either of the Portal games, then this probably means nothing to you. So go play Portal and Portal 2 first and then come back to the Steam version of Bastion. You’ll then understand why this is pretty cool. And of course, the narrator keeps on doing the damn thing.

In Bastion, turrets don't shoot at you.

Now, I know it wouldn’t serve a huge purpose in the world of Bastion like the turret, but where’s the companion cube? The Kid seems like he could use a friend who provides unconditional love.