Burnout CRASH! Gameplay is a Familiar Explosive Stranger

Burnout fans should breathe a bit easier when finally getting a glimpse of gameplay for Criterion’s upcoming downloadable title, Burnout CRASH! The perspective switch is still a bit jarring, but if you look closely, the crash mode Burnout fans loved is still there.

Burnout Crash!

They destroyed that exclamation point.

However, Criterion isn’t done with their surprises. On top of the expected vehicular carnage, there appear to be missiles, storms and even tornados wreaking havoc on these unsuspecting, commuting, sentient cars. Casting out a final verdict now seems about as useful as someone assuming months ago that this game was going to be a traditional Burnout title.

Personally, I think the game looks fun and that’s probably all it will need to be to warrant a download and purchase. At the very least, CRASH! seems like a decent distraction until we get a glimpse of what else Criterion is up to.

Burnout CRASH! is due out for PSN and XBLA later this year.


Giant Bomb (image)