REPLY TO ALL: Co-op Gaming with Significant Others to Save the World

This week’s REPLY TO ALL  tries to involve our significant others into our gaming lives. If the fate of the world required you to play co-op with your significant other, what game would you choose and why? Be on the lookout for a special uninvited guest who drops the drunken hammer.

Viva Pinata

Could gardening with Pinata's save the world?

Rob (Robeque)

My significant other is not a gamer by any means. I think I might go with Viva Pinata. That way we are just building a garden together… and it might be something she would actually get into… if the fate of the world depended on it. ……. that or she can collect star bits while I play Mario Galaxy and we’ll call it co-op.

Alex (streetalchemist)

Ok that’s funny because I’ve done both of those things with my significant other. She loves Viva Pinata AND Mario Galaxy. But really now if the fate of the world depended on it, my wife and I would posse up for some Red Dead Redemption! She’s hilarious when she plays online with some of our friends as she’ll start yelling at people who piss her off. Most of the time I just end up sitting and watching the fun. So I guess if only co-op can save the world, that makes us Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum… I’m not sure who’s who though. And I’m not sure I want to know really…

Justin G (GiffTor)

must know: does the fate of the world require us to play co-op successfully with our significant other? Does it require us to actually cooperate and not yell at each other and turn the experience into a fight? Because those factors make a big difference in which game I choose.

Power Pad

Don't cheat, use your feet.

I mean, if we were going to play co-op and we needed to stay on speaking terms, I’d pick Kinect Adventures, because we had a great time playing it in the past. If we had to be good, I’d probably break out the power pad and the NES and dust off World Class Track Meet because she’s super-duper athletic, which can be a benefit. On the other hand, she’s not what I’d call a “bad girl,” so I might have a hard time convincing her that the way to win the 100 m. dash is by cheating and using your hands. She’s also really competitive, so I might be concerned about playing anything that mixes competition in with the cooperation (e.g., Sonic 2‘s ring-collecting for the chaos emeralds. Damn you, Tails!)

Josh (Joshleedotcom)

Put us in front of any action-rpg and the world can rest easy. Diablo 3 would be the proper choice as it’s the new hotness and we worked so well together in Diablo 2. Those games are favorites for us because we can complement each other with our characters and play styles. They also don’t have us fighting for loot since most items are class specific or obviously benefit one over the other, and there is no friendly-fire. The closest we get to bickering in Diablo is when I yell “Drink a health potion!” and she replies with “Don’t tell me what to do!” I have to refrain from an “I told you so” when she dies shortly thereafter.

Now, if this world-saving scenario requires us to beat Hell on Hardcore mode, we’re all hosed. We aren’t the best at these games, but we sure do have a good time playing them.

Cole (Colefacekilla)

I’m jealous of those of you whose wives play “real” games like Diablo 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Though my wife loves New Super Mario Bros. Wii, it was tough to play together as I would get too frustrated at her slow pace, and she would get frustrated at my risky behavior. I think we played Galaxy once together but she doesn’t do well with 3D environments. She says she can never figure which way she’s going and gets a little motion sick in the process. So I think we will have to stick to Kinect games like GiffTor and the soon to be Mrs. There is no way she would ever play Gears of War or Halo with me. Again the motion sickness creeps up. But she does love herself Myst. So if there was ever a two player co-op game in that genre, that’s the one we would choose.

Justin L (JDevL)

Well, I know I can definitely rely on Angry Birds if the world needs a guaranteed victory. The real question there would be if I could keep up with her and if mobile games count. If we did have to go more traditional, I do know that my girlfriend played quite a bit of GTA: San Andreas back in the day. So maybe a few endless multiplayer sessions in GTA IV would pass the time best for both of us on the apocalypse clock. It definitely needs to be a couch friendly console game though, I get a bit too tense at the keyboard, especially if the world was on the line.


Would a love for San Andreas translate to IV?


I was thinking more along the lines of working together in cooperative play. If it can just be anything then Super Mario Broswould be first choice. Kelly would save the world all by herself on that one… she kicks my ass in that game… which if you know her you’re thinking “really?” Really.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

Damn, probably something that involves a cross between system analysis and monster slaying. Is there a game like that?  She’s really good at PR, so I think we’d be good together on an FPS, but she could do all the communicating for me. That way she could screen the jerks as well as screen me when I was frustrated. She’s definitely a people person, so her skills could help us get in better guilds and such on an MMO of some type.

In real terms, we played cooperatively on a few sections of Boom Blox that allow you to do so. If the world depended on our success, that’d be the best bet but if we could falter and struggle through a game, then I’d prefer to play Left 4 Dead 2 so she’d understand where all the screaming came from.

Justin L

It definitely needs to be co-op of some sort. So I’d throw out Angry Birds all together. I think that’s the only fact we have though. We don’t know if the end of the world is based on performance or just by time played. With the information we have, I’m trying to play it safe and just find a game that is tolerable for both of us for an extended period of time. Which if you think of it, and look at our lists, that’s a huge blow to MMO’s out there if we can’t find one that fits any of us even though they were built for that type of play session.

Ethan, I think you’ve discovered a huge genre gap for videogames. Where can PR skills be used in a game?

JP (JPizzle151)

Words with Friends

Nothing about this could save the world.

Sorry I’m late, my wife and I were busy saving the economy from an economic Armageddon created by Tom-nook. If you depended on my wife and I to co-op save the world, we’re all screwed. She isn’t a gamer at all. Occasionally we will play Boggle on iPad or game show games. The extent of her gaming is extremely limited.  Unless expanding our vocabulary on Words With Friends counts, you might want to consider reserving your vault spot now.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

I’m kind of with JP. My wife isn’t really a gamer, and the games she is good at do not offer a co-op mode. She excels in Tetris, Cake Mania/Diner Dash style games, and various puzzle and word games on her iPhone. She’s ok at Mario so we might be able to do something like the New Super Mario Bros Wii, but that didn’t even go well the few times we played. We often killed each other. My best bet, if you’ll let it count, would be to have her on my team in some 2v2 Counter-Strike matches. Believe it or not, I was actually able to get her to play a few times back in the day. It obviously didn’t catch on though. Anyway, I could use her as bait and probably hold my own enough give the world a chance.


Good god I hope this completely hypothetical situation does not occur. We either need new wives or need to do a better job of getting them into gaming. What if aliens arrive to give humanity robotic battle suits in order to fight off a demon lord and the only people that can pilot them happen to be our wives, not based on ability but on some genetic signature that we don’t possess? Sound unlikely? Same goes for Aubrey Moses actually sitting down with me to play a game.

Justin G

You do realize that there’s an outside chance that our wives will actually read this article and, in doing so, realize that, in the event of an alien invasion, we would get new wives in the forms of Felicia DayMichelle Rodriguez and Megan Fox right? Solely because we need to save the world, of course, because the odds of the aliens’ weakness being Burger Island are slim. (Dibs on Megan Fox!)


Let’s be real. Our wives care about this website about as much as they care about the videos games we play.

Justin L

Don’t try to be real in a conversation about the world’s fate depending on a co-op gaming session. You just lost.

I’m having more fun imagining the scenario where all other gamers have been wiped out to the point that those three women have to pick amongst the Horrible Night crew. This has to be a rather specific alien attack, or some sort of biological attack that our midwest immunities have allowed us to survive. Let’s be real.


I’m surprised Gifford would go for Megan Fox. You would have better conversations talking to a jar of mayonnaise. My wife’s interest level in this site is the same as my interest in The Real Housewives.

Justin L

You jerks gotta keep bringing it back down to reality. Are there any games a jar of mayonnaise can co-op?

Custer's Revenge

I don't know how this got brought up.


I was going to say Custer’s Revenge, but I don’t think that it supports co-op.


Not consensual co-op anyway.

Justin G

As long as she can kick ass on Halo: Reach and well, look like Megan Fox, I can put up with the watered-down conversation by two-timing on her with Felicia Day. Also: maybe a jar of mayo that went bad when the power went out (like in that Toshiba commercial) is the reason the earth is in trouble, did you think about that?!


WHAT THE HELL? I leave for two seconds and look what happened to this RTA.

First you guys are all whining about not having gamer wives, then you’re trying to find a way to ditch them. Then, some dream girls show up to compete in Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots while you guys are talking to a jar of Hellmann’s and playing Atari porn games. Shit just got fanfic up in here.

Now I’m not sure I even want to save the world.

p.s. Felicia Day can pilot my robot anytime.

Justin G’s Fiancé Caroline

Y’all, I qualified for the Boston marathon, I make delicious dinner and desserts, I am drunk right now but I have never been unemployed. I make pie crust and I clean well and I will do all of this barefoot and pregnant and for free, ie not for 10000 of the xbox currency…WTF else do you want. Btw I have to do a triathlon in 8 hours. I love you all. Thank you. Can we go to vegas soon?




But Carrie, are you willing to team up with your fiance to save the world? While all of those things are nice, they don’t mean shit with the world on the line.


I may have to disagree there Mr. Monroe, simply qualifying for the Boston Marathon shows an elite level of physical endurance that is key in saving the world. On top of that, everyone loves pie and the fact that babies are a possibility shows that Carrie has a love for humanity, which is important in saving it. But can she pilot a robot suit…that is the question.


Robot suits would be a big help.

Justin G

Considering how badly she kicked my ass in the triathlon last weekend, I’m going to go ahead and not doubt that she could operate a battle walker better than your average robot jock whether it’s direct neural interface or mechanically linked digitally translated waldo system. So with the fate of the world at stake, I feel confident that a co-op gaming session of Mechwarrior would leave us victorious and the world safe. Also: Samus Aran is a chick in a robot suit. Just sayin.


How did this turn from wife co-op saving the world to Gifford’s fiance being the chosen one? Either way, it’s a good thing we had this discussion in the first place or we may not know who to rely on in case of extraordinary circumstances. As a side note, Gifford you and Carrie need to do the November Tough Mudder, sounds like she may just win the whole thing.


Are you saying Carrie could be the Highlander?

Justin G

She is part Scottish.


Even though Justin G.’s fiance became the chose one, we still have a lot of confusion over what game we could definitely save the world with our significant other. While some of them seem more than willing and capable, other WAGS seem like they need to go to the Horrible Night training center. We have to do something about this. What games would you play with your significant other with the fate of the world on the line?


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