Rage is Rising

Confession time: I have not been the least bit excited about Rage, even though id Software and their games are always worth talking about. Up until this week, everything about Rage seemed like it had done before. Wasteland post-apocalyptic setting, FPS gameplay, vehicular combat. All added on top of the bad taste left in my mouth after Doom 3 and Quake 4. Although I never doubted id would pull it together to be, at the very least, a polished experience. But would it be great? Could it be great?


Ok, I'm in.

No one has the first answer, but after plenty of hands-on coverage this week along with the new trailer above, I can officially say I’m excited for Rage and cannot wait to get my hands on it. This game could definitely be great, as it looks to be the deepest experience that id has ever designed on top of some exciting new graphics technology. My fears of a bunch of half-realized game concepts coming together for an average experience seem to have been addressed. Id has been working on Rage for a long time now, but this no longer looks like a mini Duke Nukem Forever fiasco. This looks like a game worthy of all of our attention come October 4th.


Giant Bomb (image)

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  1. Nathan (TheProphecy) Moses

    Agreed. My concern was it would be a Fallout clone (which, is that really a bad thing), but this is a whole new level of cataclsymic FPS blow everyone up firestorm. The voice acting sounds much improved, and what I really hope to see is a level of customization for weapons greater that what similar titles contribute, but we’ll see.

  2. Nathan (TheProphecy) Moses

    Agreed again. I’m really curious to see how his own character develops. The fact that his “life is now probably in danger” since he saves you; probably increases the connection between him and player.

  3. Andrew Cooper

    I never lost faith in id’s ability to release a solid game. I’m more excited now than I was before.

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