Throw Everyone into Everything in BattleBlock Theater

Whether you know The Behemoth from Alien Hominid or Castle Crashers, Tom Fulp and company are always worth keeping tabs on. They have been hard at work on their next Xbox Live Arcade release, BattleBlock Theater.

BattleBlock Theater

Not a friend.

BattleBlock Theater is run by a local crew of cats that have captured you and your friends and are forcing you to perform for them, to the death. The game features a single player and co-op story as well as various multiplayer battle modes. Characters have infinite lives…but die instantly from any form of damage. Deaths will be quick, often, brutal and satisfying (as long as it isn’t you).

One of the key mechanics, featured in this trailer, is the ability to throw your friends and enemies to either help you progress through the stage, or to kill them by propelling them into deadly traps. Be cautious, as mid-air is a terrible time to learn who your friends really are.

BattleBlock Theater is scheduled for release yet this year on Xbox Live Arcade, but no firm date has been set.


Giant Bomb (images)