Shiniest Objects: Not as Shiny as J’s Head

J Allard

Every day, Horrible Night is on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry to pass along to you with our unique take. The articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed which can be viewed here (or on the sidebar of the site) and subscribed to here. Each week we will be recapping the shiniest of the objects, while looking for your feedback so that you can help us define what type of gaming news is the most interesting.

17 headlines distracted us last week, in reverse chronological order here’s the best from that list.

Tell us what we missed and what we got right with the wrong opinion.

Tracks from LOST coming to Rock Band – Destructoid
Let’s just hope these are free, regardless of anything else about the show, let’s just say these songs aren’t that great. Still cool though. Love Rock Band tie-ins.

Freeware Game Pick: FiNCK (Nifflas) –
FiNCK is available now, and free?! Awesome

Split/Second is $40 at Best Buy next week – Joystiq
$40 suddenly has me interested.

Insomniac’s Next Franchise Will Be Multi-Platform – Giant Bomb
HUGE! I love Insomniac, hope this works out for them and my gamerscore.

Mass Effect Movie Rights Acquired By ‘Watchmen’ Production Company – Shacknews
Too early to get too excited. This is going to need quite a budget to pull off to any reasonable degree.

Father of the Xbox, Head of Gadgets and Fun Leave Microsoft [Update] [Xbox Shakeup 2010] – Kotaku
:( Bye, J

Rock Band 3 Is The Piano Man [Rock Band] – Kotaku