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Whether it is being light outside later in the day or school memories, summertime still has that “vacation” feel, including realizing that we really ought to go outside and play more and spend a little less time on the couch playing Galaga Legions DX (for example.) This week’s REPLY TO ALL asks: How do you balance gaming and getting some exercise? Is it a conscious thing? Does it come naturally? Do you write it on your calendar or does your wife drag you outdoors by your earlobe? This week we decided to release our new character pack. It’s H21 (Brandon) from and he’s now available for download.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

Real life mountain biking must look exactly like this.

Exercise has always been part of my routine, especially in the summer when the opportunity to take part in a multitude of races and other activities is much easier than in the colder months. Some exercise is just part of maintaining fitness and some is really quite fun, so activities like mountain biking and hiking, to me are interchangeable with gaming as entertainment. It’s just tough to validate being indoors for extended periods of time when the days are longer, warmer and more people are out and about. Steam has made this a bit difficult as of late, but if I don’t work out it’s very obvious. You’d rather have me tired than full of nervous energy.

Justin L (JDevL)

I definitely haven’t found my balance with this, something always gets in the way, but I can say it’s not always games. Thankfully, I’m still quite nocturnal when it comes to games and I prefer to play when it is dark or the weather is bad enough to make it dark. Do you guys find that exercise gets in the way of games or do you have separate schedules for each?

Justin G (GiffTor)

Considering what Ethan’s brain’s capable of when he’s tired, I think him full of nervous energy would be terrifying/awesome. I’m actually getting back into shape after some unintentional time off, but generally speaking, when it’s crappy outside, I’m happy to sit on the couch and while away the hours gaming but when it’s nice out, I feel guilty. Still, the problem is that after about 7 or maybe 8 pm, I’m usually done doing really active-participation stuff whether it’s gaming or exercising; my brain’s just done. So most of my gaming gets crammed in between 5 – 7 pm unless I get really, really into something. For me, it’s important to have things scheduled so that I know that at X time, I’m going to stop whatever it is I’m doing and go work out or stop being active and productive and go kill some Covenant or something.

Brandon (H21)

I make a calendar of days each week I want to get a workout in. Unfortunately with 2 kids and a wife I sometimes will sacrifice the workout in order to do stuff with them. My workouts are usually short in comparison to my gaming sessions (that might be a bad thing). I try to get three to four 30 minute workouts in during the week. When the workout is done – game on. Unlike Gifford, however, my brain doesn’t actually start working until after 7 or 8 pm. I’d make an excellent vampire.

Quality family time.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

I used to be really good about working out. I think it was mainly due to the fact that I went every morning with a co-worker, and we had a deal that if one of us skipped, we had to buy the other lunch that day. That pretty much stopped after I moved to Indy. I have a free weight set and treadmill in my basement so I’ll go through phases where I work out a few times, but I’ve never been able to get back in the habit. Most of my evening hours are spent with the wife and daughter. When I do get any free time I have the choice of gaming, finishing some house project I’ve already started, or working out. Unfortunately for my body, it usually goes in that order.

JP (JPizzle151 a.k.a. Dr. Pizzle)

I typically do not have a work out schedule. My job is extremely physical and intense and usually thinking about exercise increases my exhaustion. I have made an effort to try and get a work out in once per week to help get myself in better shape. As far as feeling guilty about going outside in the summer, I don’t. I spend so much time alone due to my wife’s job that I typically use games as my main source of entertainment. When she is home we will go outside and enjoy the weather, but I guess I am just plain lazy when she is gone.


That’s funny because I’m the same way. When my wife is out of town I get super lazy. Almost to the point where it’s ridiculous. I wonder why that is? Maybe I’m just trying to make up for all the time I’d like to play games all in one sitting.


Imagine the lazy level when your wife is gone 14 to 28 days at a time … It’s an epic level of lazy (or pathetic depending on how you look at it).

Cole (colefacekilla)

When the women are gone, the stereotypes come out to play.

Traditionally, I haven’t been one of these people who “works out” but lately with work being such a physical job I’ve started to see some excess weight drop. That has inspired me to start working out albeit slowly. I got one of those recumbent stationary bikes from my parents who didn’t use it anymore and now I can sit in front of the TV and pedal, killing two birds with one stone. Playing video games and exercising at the same time is a delicious world of win. As far as the wife thing goes, we get lazy and disgusting because they’re not there to judge us for anything we do. We eat fast food, drink as much beer/liquor as we want, forget to shower/shave/get dressed. It’s like regressing back to bachelor hood and we each need that to stay sane.


Man, I thought I was the only one that would go into a “Absent Wife Hibernation” every time she’s out for the evening or day. It’s not unusual that she takes the kids to the grandparents on weekends, and when that happens I usually knock out a couple of chores and turn into an amorphous blob in front of the TV with a coke and controller in hand. Why is that?


Haha. I’m seeing a trend here. Now I don’t feel so bad about my habits I have when my wife is gone. I think we’ve just determined that this is normal.

Justin G

I know one of the biggest difficulties for me is overcoming inertia – I’m really good at sleeping, so overcoming that inertia in the morning to go to the gym is really difficult, but at the same time, not wanting to walk into the house and head directly to the couch to fire up the XBox is a pretty difficult one to overcome, too (and once that happens? I’m done, no working out.) Some days, you really do need to totally bachelor-it-out, but with sitting at a desk all day (and not being 18 anymore) I can’t go home and eat pizza and drink beer all night whilst playing video games, so it’s totally a balancing act (not forgetting other things like…laundry). Cole, the recumbent bike thing is making me a little interested in downloading the UFC Personal Trainerespecially if it has achievement points.

Justin L

Amorphous Blobs Anonymous.


I’m not going to sit here and say that I am opposed to playing outside in the summer. I just prefer that my sandboxes are indoors, and have nothing to do with real sand. There is less of a mess to clean up at the end of the day. Hell, we could hold our own indoor summer camp with all of the Wii Sports games. That would prevent a lot of pasty skin burns.

Part of the indoor summer camp, for those of us prone to sun burns.

Justin G

The only way I’m holding a Wii Sports summer camp is if the facility agrees to indemnify us against any accidental or negligent bodily harm or property damage caused by wild punches in Wii Boxing and/or thrown Wii controllers in the other games.


I think this is why paintball was invented, gamers are too used to having a crap ton of excitement going on on screen that traditional physical activities seem dull or not worth the effort. I bet you guys would play outside more if being outside was the result of being surprised by an animal indoors and retreating. This conversation solidifies the point even more that we need a Horrible Night workout day so we all don’t become stereotypically pasty skinned and out of shape.

Justin G

Welp, you know I’m down for it – while it’s gratifying having a super-athletic girlfriend, it does up my motivation to also be super-athletic. And awesome at video games.

Justin L

A Truly Horrible Night Out. But actually that’s a fantastic idea. Ethan can come up with his own tough mudder / video game themed course. Gifford, how does she motivate you to be awesome at video games? Or are you assuming (wrongly) that you already are? >:)

Justin G

I’m 85% facetiously asserting that I am already awesome at videogames, the remainder 15% being flying games, the Saber level in Halo:Reach, driving games that aren’t Mario-based, Galaga and…well, maybe 15% was a little generous.


I think that we should pair in teams and one of the participants needs to be on a bike connected to a generator. Your game & score ends when your partner can no longer keep electricity flowing from the bike.

Justin G

If you suggest that we use a “fixie,” I’m going to hit you.


Hey! I’m just trying to find ways to get us in shape and not give up our gaming time. Now if we have to ad alcohol to all of this so be it. I’m just brainstorming over here.

Justin L

This is a man on a noble quest. Where is the kickstarter account for this?


Gifford just got slammed. I like the idea of a video game triathlon or iron man.

Just imagine. You run a good 10 feet to the first station, Wii Bowling. Once completed, you army crawl, a good 15 feet, under hanging Wii controllers to Kinect Adventures. The final event requires standing long jumps over empty 2 liter bottles and 6 packs to play Kinectimals. While not a physical activity, it will be nice to have a purring tiger reward you for such a rigorous gamer routine.

Those wires are electrified!

Justin L

As long as those Wii controllers are on fire or electrified in some way, I think you nailed it. I’ll have to wait for official tough mudder confirmation from Ethan though


Camelback full of alcohol while we do the triathlon or iron man. Problem solved. If we puke while gaming, that’s weight loss.


All this Wii talk bores me. Let’s play real paintball, only the game types will be taken from our favorite multiplayer games. I think with 30 people we could definitely get some 4v26 horde matches going.


I’ll take pictures of the Tough Mudder and let you guys know. We just need to find elements of games we like and create obstacles based on them. The Gears of War wall jump, Sonic sprint, Paper Boy bike obstacles. We could make a lot  of money off of this.


In lieu of the pending Catherine release can we include sexy, death puzzles in our boxers? That really separates the men from the boys.

Boxers required.


I’m not sure we exactly solved how one can balance getting enough exercise and playing enough video games. So we decided to combine the two into a tough mudder/paint ball live-action video game of sorts. That triathlon idea is a keeper as well, but just like how none of us ever play with our Wii’s anymore, we’d get bored of that one soon after it started. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?


Giant Bomb (images)
Tough Mudder (image)
Gamer Road (image)

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  1. benji138

    Game-themed Tough Mudder sounds awesome. I’d be down for something like that.

    As for exercising, I’m fortunate enough to have a fitness facility across the street from my workplace so I go every day at lunch. Occasionally on weekends if it’s really nice out I’ll go for a run. It’s funny that this topic came up because just two weeks ago I downloaded some classic NES game music and put it on my iPhone to listen to while I run. Nothing like the Double Dragon theme song coming up on shuffle to keep me motivated.

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