Hey! Look! A Month of Samus

31 Days of Zero Suit Samus

It's safer in your varia suit.

Artist Chris Furniss has dedicated the month of July to Zero Suit Samus. He will be releasing a new Samus piece every day for the entire month. You can view the entire collection on the Wasabi Sunshine site and Chris has even made the work available for purchase on his Etsy shop.

So far Samus has been flying Metroid kites, played tennis with Mario, hung out in the Mushroom Kingdom with Link, given a TED lecture, and gone to the laundromat. It’s hard to see how Samus has any time for bounty hunting these days, but all of the pieces are endearing to the character for fans of the Metroid series. Probably even much more so than the most recent game that we will not name so as to not ruin her character. Now, I think I’ll escape to my Samus happy place and go play Zero Mission until the next post goes up.


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