EA the Latest Victim of PopCap Addiction

Plants vs Dead Space

Would love to see how my botanical friends do against deep space terror

My descent into the dark world of PopCap addiction started with a casual use of Bejeweled that blossomed into a full blown issue with the introduction of Plants Vs. Zombies into my system. A Peggle bender made me realize that I needed help, and a final Zuma session in front of my friends made them realize an intervention was in order. I’ve been PopCap free for four days, but recent news has made me fear that avoiding the stuff won’t be quite so easy any longer.

EA apparently had a similar experience as mine, but where I alienated friends and neglected more expansive games, they spent $750 million to acquire the source of their obsession. Hopefully, EA can distance themselves from the stuff and not snort up all of their wares in a late night frenzy or that is going to be $750 million flushed down the toilet (just like their futures if they don’t beat this thing).

What does this mean for gamers? I’m not really sure, but here’s hoping for some crossover action like Plants vs. Necromorphs or BeBattledfielded (though I’m not really sure how that one would function). It’s very apparent that casual games are here to stay, and despite my past problems with not being able to put them down, they are indeed fun distractions from the super mega big budget games that look good but collect dust within days.