Doom II Now Available on Xbox Live Arcade

Doom 2When DOOM first arrived on XBLA, the first question I had was, “so where is Doom II?” That’s the one I want, that’s the version I spent years of my life playing. Frustration set in earlier this year when demos of the game were being shown at various Id events, yet no release date was announced. In classic downloadable game fashion, it was announced without warning earlier this week that Doom 2 would be available on XBLA this week, today in fact. You can go grab your double barreled shotgun and go frag your friends for $10.

In addition to online multiplayer, the game also includes an all new 9 level episode as well as local split-screen multiplayer. Sure the game has been ported to every system imaginable, but don’t underestimate the fun of nostalgically gunning down your friends over Xbox Live. It will be like 1994 all over again except we all finally have decent network connections.


Giant Bomb (image)