No Horrible Show This Week: Muted by E3

Horrible Difficulties

Technical issues crept into our podcast recording again last night so there will be no show this week. Our apologies. We were hoping to recap our thoughts on the entirety of E3 and add in Justin Gifford’s thoughtful words, but the recording gods were against us (or Justin L still doesn’t know how to work his equipment).

What we will have for you later this week is our E3 awards winners because the award for Best Sexual Chemistry needs to be handed out.

Also, The Horrible Show will be back next week with an anniversary episode. Until then, enjoy our E3 podcasts from last week and try and guess how much we have changed our minds since then. Thanks for your continued support, and if you’d like to help us out, we want to know what you thought of our Horrible E3 Coverage. So drop us a note in the comments or contact form, or give us a quick review over on iTunes.

We’ll see you next week.