Pre-Order Batman: Arkham City and Play as Robin, Maybe

There are rumors floating around that Robin will be a playable character in the challenge maps in this Fall’s Arkham Asylum sequel, Batman: Arkham City. Over at, a screen capture taken from Best Buy’s website shows Robin as a pre-order bonus. There is no picture of Robin, but he was listed in the text as appearing in two challenge maps. This is very similar to how the Joker was playable in the challenge rooms on the PS3 in Batman: Arkham Asylum but Robin will be available on all platforms.

Best Buy has since removed the post so it looks like it jumped the gun on the announcement. Personally, Robin doesn’t do much for me and I wasn’t a huge fan of the challenge maps in the first game. Admittedly, it was because I could never gold bat them though. Even though Rocksteady has given the Batman games its own unique take on the universe, nothing they can do to Robin will ever make me want to play as him.

If you’re excited, keep on the lookout for more Robin news. Otherwise keep on getting excited that a new Rocksteady developed Batman game is coming out later this year.


Arkham City UK (image)

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  1. Justin Gifford

    Here’s hoping that Robin gets caught by the Joker, beaten to near-death and blown up before Batman can reach him or Rocksteady can release Arkham City. Canary yellow? No, Robin, I think the actual shade is “bullet attracting yellow,” but whatever makes you happy.

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