E3 11: Devil May Cry Blurs My Reimagination

Huge Devil May Cry fan reporting in on this year’s E3 trailer (see above). Things are looking better for the Devil May Cry reboot by Ninja Theory (Enslaved, and Heavenly Sword). While this is assuredly a different take on the series and on its heroic demon hunter, Dante, there are a few moments and settings that hearken back to the original games.

Devil May Cry

With style and angst

Dante may have darker hair, but he still has his ridiculous sword and dual pistols. However, his sword does sport a grapple hook attachment that is sure to keep more than a few stylish combos going. The trailer features gameplay instead of the CG trailer that was teased last year. As it stands now the graphics don’t meet the standard set by Devil May Cry 4, but I’m guessing that Ninja Theory is going for a specific style rather than details and realism in the environments. While I don’t think the game will play like its predecessors that may not be a bad thing. DmC fans seem to be nervous about this one, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it to judge for myself as I’m giving Ninja Theory the benefit of the doubt based on their previous games.


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