E3 11: Day Two Recap Featuring Nintendo and Show Floor Opening

Wii U

I totally get it. I'm also a liar.

Tuesday proved to be a bit calmer as far as the amount of new info and media that was pouring out of E3, except the info that did make it out, thanks to Nintendo, was confusing to say the least. All eyes were on Big N while the doors to the expo officially opened. Elsewhere, game journalists quickly pumped out their thoughts on demos and hands-on time with the plethora of games on display. Below are the articles and videos that captured our attention.

Press Conference

Thankfully only one, but it was a doozy:

News and Trailers

A “in no particular rundown” of the standout E3 media and headlines from Tuesday, June 7th.

Trailers and Gameplay

What’d we miss? We’ll be back tomorrow with continuing coverage of the adventures on the show floor as of E3 2011 hits its stride.


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