Horrible E3 11 Coverage (Updated)

While we won’t physically be at E3 this year, we will still be covering the event this week. How this gets done remains to be seen. But we do have a plan, faithful reader. It will go completely wrong by the end of the week, but hopefully it provides a guide for what you can expect from Horrible Night during our favorite week of the year. Plus, you’ll be able to call us out when we go off the rails. Just hold on…and we may all survive this.

E3 2011


Each day this week, we will focus on one stand-out game or story from E3. In addition to this, we will have a Headlines and Trailer Recap similar to a Shiniest Objects to get you as many worthwhile links as possible.

The Horrible Show

We will be doing daily podcasts this week recapping the major press conferences and news items throughout the week. We are attempting to keep each episode to around 30 minutes to keep them bite-sized and as focused as possible. Friday’s episode will briefly recap the week and run about an hour long. Next week, we will regroup for a full episode and pick our games/moments of the show and provide a bit more reflection after the dust settles.

In Addition

To prevent E3 burn out, we will also be posting our original daily content. Expect to get your weekly fixes of editorials, game reviews, and additions to our multiple active weekly series. Good luck out there to those of you sorting through headlines, rumors, and trailers. For the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the fruits of our obsession with this insane event.