E3 11: Far Cry 3 has Crazy Eyes

My mouth has been wide open ever since I stumbled upon this gameplay trailer for Far Cry 3. I have fond memories of the previous two games in the series due to their stunning and lifelike environments, but this game looks to make the previous iterations look amateur by comparison.

Far Cry 3

I trust him

Take notice of the varied context sensitive actions occurring throughout the footage, especially the “take down” moves shown towards the end of the video. FPS shooters have always stuck to a relatively limited palette of player actions outside shooting and movement, but Far Cry 3 already feels more like an action game from a first person perspective with all the different things one will be able to do while blasting adversaries.

As a final note, I’ve always been a critic of video game characters (except for a choice few, like Nathan Drake) and have been annoyed by consistent B-movie performances in both facial animation and script. That being said, the monologue scene with the enemy character in the beginning of this footage is incredible, one of the best video game examples of “crazy eyes” I have ever seen.