I Learned Something Today: Limbo

Most of us stay confined to our suburbs, workplaces, and city life without ever truly being alone in the wild. The rules change out there and your mind can run wild. Sure it’s full of possibilities, but there are plenty of dangers, too. Heed the lessons of Limbo.

Limbo spider

Odd looking branch

The Lessons of Limbo

  1. It’s not gross in the dark
  2. Unless you are a lost boy, don’t trust a lost boy
  3. Gravity hates you
  4. Undeath has checkpoints

It’s not gross in the dark

I learned something today. If you’ve seen any of those torture porn movies that have way too many sequels, you know that gore isn’t for everyone. Death ain’t pretty, and death involving punctures, decapitation, long falls, and giant spiders is even less attractive. There is a simple way everyone can enjoy those gruesome moments. Just turn out the lights. It all becomes art at that point anyway. The type of art that anyone can participate in and appreciate. Grab something dangerous and let’s go play in the dark. Thanks, Limbo.

Unless you are a lost boy, don’t trust a lost boy

I learned something today. Children always appear to be innocent. The first instinct when you see a lost child is to go to them to try and help them. This is the proper course of action if they are looking for their parents in a crowded community area. However, be aware of your surroundings and the state of the child. How long has this kid been lost? Does his face have more years of survival on it than your own? Just leave him be. He’ll be fine. He has been fine, and now he’s up to something. You are on his turf, and he will defend it. Who do you think hung all those bodies in the trees as you were coming into their camp? Thanks, Limbo.

Limbo Boy

The natives seem friendly

Gravity hates you

I learned something today. It is easy to take gravity for granted. Luckily, gravity is patient with most of us. As long as we aren’t constantly trying to defy it, it is generally pretty content. But don’t get cocky. If you find yourself in an obstacle course where you start to effortlessly pull off acrobatic maneuvers that you didn’t know you were capable of, take a moment and reflect on what is happening. It could all be a test. And that obstacle course may turn on you. Literally. That saw blade that was on the ceiling is now in front of your face as you start falling sideways. Isaac Newton is laughing. Thanks, Limbo.

Undeath has checkpoints

I learned something today. In life you only get one shot at the moments that matter most. Forget about those moments where you get to shine, focus on the ones that really matter, the life or death moments. One shot or you are dead. Faced with an impossible leap, a death trap limited by time, you have to act fast and act right or it’s all over. The good news? If you’re already dead, you get to try again. Which is so much less stressful. You can trial and error to your heart’s desire as the undead. Get it right, and then go back for that perfect run as much as you want. It’s good to know my neurosis will have some use in the afterlife. Thanks, Limbo.

Limbo Jump

Skip skip skipping along


I don’t care how serene and still things can be out in nature. When it gets dark out there, you can’t trust what you see and reality quickly turns in on itself. Travel in packs, keep your wits about you, and stay alive. That’s my plan. Assuming that I’m aware of whether or not I’m alive. Thanks, video games.

I Learned Something Today – Who says that video games can’t teach you life skills? Sure they may get you put in prison or banished from society, but they are skills nonetheless. We take an over-the-top look at some of the potential applications of what video games have taught us.


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