REPLY TO ALL: The Next Video Game TV Series

The Red Faction franchise is gearing up for its next game release and the TV series. Surprisingly, the trailer for the show doesn’t look terrible. What other game franchise would you like to see get a TV series? No cartoons, and no Mass Effect (because, well, we already know that would be sweet).

Red Faction: Origins

Mars has not been kind to the T-1000

Ben (EndlessBen)

Oh well that’s an easy answer… MASS EFF…. oh… um…. geez, way to take the legs out of my answer.

In seriousness, you’re right, that Red Faction trailer doesn’t look half bad. It will be tough to find the kind of quality writing, acting and story that allowed BSG to transcend the sci-fi genre though. So I’ve never watched that Showtime show about the Borgias, but I’ve always secretly hoped (and I’m sure a lot of other people do too) that it would have Ezio Auditore in it, slowly and quietly murdering all the characters as the show goes on. I actually think Assassin’s Creed would make a pretty good show. People love period pieces and conspiracy stories.

I’m not sure it would work on TV now, but in the mid 90s, people loved adventure shows like Lois & Clark and Young Indiana Jones. That would have been the perfect time for an Uncharted TV show. Nate has hair raising adventures with a beautiful leading lady while the historical conspiracy unfolds over several episodes.

There is one game that absolutely will work right now. Now, more than ever, is the right time for a Castlevania series. People will watch absolutely anything with vampires in it. Make Simon (or whichever Belmont is the lead, he’ll have to be young and pretty) fall in love with a young vampire, preferably the daughter of the vampire he’s hunting. People will EAT. THAT. SHIT. UP.

And then for the super sci-fi nerds, how awesome would a Metroid show be? Spaceships, pirates, a sexy Samus, what more could you want?

Justin L (JDevL)

I’ve said this before, and it’s not my idea, but the concept of a CSI Batman show has always gotten me excited, and I think the same format could work for a Metroid show. Sending Samus to different planets each week to investigate derelict ships for artifacts or enemies. This thread is already going to get me really pumped up for no reason.

Samus Aran

Dogg has nothing on this gal. Via jdillon

Justin G (GiffTor)

I’m with Ben on this one. NO game screams out for an HBO/Showtime series more than the Mass Effect series. Obvious response aside, though, I agree that a Batman show that was more about him being The World’s Greatest Detective would be great (Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. was a pretty solid example). Same goes for Assassin’s Creed. Fringe does a pretty good job of showing that an audience can keep up with more than one reality/timeline at the same time, so it doesn’t seem to be too risky. Also, I would like that to be on HBO/Showtime for the “obvious” reasons, where: obvious = Caterina Sforza’s decollage. I think Halo (post-Reach and pre-Combat Evolved) would be a solid show, you know, The Covenant Slaughter Adventures of Master Chief and Cortana? Especially because (even though the lore-bible gets a little contrary between the end of Reach and Halo Wars regarding AI’s) everything seems to point out that Cortana is a one-of-a-kind Forerunner AI way beyond anything the UNSC can produce. I’m not positive about Metroid, though. There’s just not enough storyline to make a good show, I don’t think. Half-Life could probably be made into a great one, too, since the games are long, full of interactions and there’s that whole “Fall of Human Civilization” thing going on.

Justin L

I bet they could turn out the Half-Life TV series faster than the game episodes. That fiction definitely needs to be explored more deeply. I can’t argue with the Assassin’s Creed series either, and honestly, I’d like to see more shows stick with a major theme per season before changing it up the next season. Having multiple assassin’s across different eras would be a great way to keep the series fresh. Gifford you nailed the right eras for Halo. I’m not a big fan of the story in the core games, but I do think there’s a lot more going on in that universe that would make for a great sc-fi show.

I agree with Ben that Nathan Drake obviously has a lot more adventures to be told, plus I’m worried about the Uncharted movie and an treasure hunting adventure series is lacking these days. Go Young Indiana Jones route with it and tell how Drake got so damn jaded and tied in with all of these low-lifes.

Rob (Robeque)

Cal Lightman

Not lying.

I might argue that Dr. Cal Lightman is the world’s greatest detective… but anyway…

As for a good game to TV series… hmmm… Metroid could maybe be entertaining, but are you going back to the silent and alone part of the series or adapting to more of a dialogue-ready version. If the latter make sure it’s not as wordy as Other M, please. I watched half of the game’s cut scenes in theater mode this weekend so a buddy could see it, and we were watching for over two hours. Metal Gear Solid might make a pretty off-the-wall, but entertaining series. I think anything with a decent story line could translate to a series, but whether it would gain enough interest I don’t know. To the question though, one I would like to see would be Half-Life… as you mentioned… maybe b/c I just finished with HL2 again. Though it would be tricky to give Gordon Freeman a voice without somebody hating on it.

Justin G

Cal Lightman does not know 371 ways to dislocate the 4 lower ribs (simultaneously or individually) of his prey once he determines its movement patterns. The Batman does.

Justin L

What does that have to do with detective work? (I love the Batman)

Justin G

How good of a detective can you be if you can’t stop fleeing criminals on your own without calling the cops? Just sayin’, and all due respect to Dr. Lightman.


Gordon Freeman

You may need your suit, Gordon. Via SamuraiMujuru

That’s a damn good point, in my opinion.

A Half-Life show would be sick. I think it could be similar in tone to Walking Dead. Speaking of which, the Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising games are already sort of set up episodically but they would probably be too close to the Walking Dead and other stuff that’s already been on.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

You guys are all damned fools if you think that any of those ideas have legs. I have two words for you… Altered Beast. It’d work with the old school Greek mythology but I see it more as a contemporary story about Vance McBeastman (played by me) who spends each episode searching for mystical balls that eventually allow him to transform into a beast. Each episode would have a different beast as well as a sweet as lightning scene where he transforms with flames shooting off in the background. I see him tackling social problems like abstinence and drugs but then completing changing his views on those items once the freaking beast takes over. Altered Beast spits on abstinence.

Alex (streetalchemist)

Could we just call the Altered Beast show, “Rise From Your Grave!”?

Personally, I’d be all for a reality show based on Portal called “The Test Subject. It’d be like a mix of Wipe-Out and Ninja Warrior, except the water really would kill you if you fell in it. Also I just really want a portal gun.

As far as a series based on Castlevania, as much of a fan as I am, I’d hate to think what they’d do to the franchise in the current vampire-weenie laden crapscape that is American TV and film… Though I’m hopeful that Tim Burton’s take on Dark Shadows next year will help reel that back in.

JP (JPizzle151)

Don’t forget that according to Homer Simpson, Batman is also a scientist.

I think a prequel to Red Dead Redemption would be really cool to see. I would love to see how John Marston went from outlaw to a man trying to atone for his sins. I would be curious to see all of the gruesome crimes that the gang committed over time were. Naturally the series in my opinion should end at the start of the game. Given that Deadwood was a successful series, I don’t see how this couldn’t work.

A Fallout spin off would be awesome in my book. Fallout is one of my favorite series right now. A story was about a new vault dweller in a new area would do a television series the most justice. There are many dynamics that could be explored as well within the show. Many story arcs could be created as the vault dweller explores the wasteland. I think a series would have to include the New California Republic and the Enclave. It would be neat to see the protagonist get caught in the middle of the power struggle of the NCR and Enclave. I would nominate J.J. Abrams to undertake this project. I think he would create plot twists that would keep an audience engaged and his creativity could flourish within the Fallout universe.


Just a tale about a man and his dog.

Justin L

I’ve also been thinking that Fallout deserves a series. There’s a lot going on in the wastelands and a post-apocalyptic setting may be played out a bit in games, but that’s not the case for TV.

Cole (Colefacekilla)

You guys have made great choices so far with Ben leading the way with the series’ I want to see. Man, I never thought of a Castlevania series but I think I’d really like to see a vampire hunter story. I agree that vampires are played out but if Simon goes around and kills all the vampires on TV, that would be great.

Any game series with a huge backstory (codex) would make a better television series than say, the Mario Brothers. I don’t think continuing the adventures of characters already associated in the game would be good. They need to showcase other characters in the series and maybe refer to a Samus or a Shepard throughout the series. Although the Metroid Detective show is intriguing as long as it didn’t rehash events seen in the game.

I’d like to see the world of Shadow Complex fleshed out. I know there was supposed to be a novel series by Orson Scott Card associated with that game, but I’m not sure if that ever happened. I like alternate histories and Shadow Complex has enough action and guns to make a series entertaining beyond it’s weekly Lost-like way of feeding you nuggets of information that makes viewers eager to tune in to find out what the hell is going on.


Simon Belmont

Not the ideal Simon. via kevinbolk

I really want to start writing scripts right now for all of these, but as I think about why not incorporate ideas from mulitple games into one mega show? You could have Gordon Freeman, Duke Nukem, Shepard, etc fighting off the Flood, Resident Evil Mutants and Bowser’s henchmen. The action would never stop and there’d be room for a lot of crossover/reference stuff. I guess I just want some new episodes of Captain N is all..


I’m just glad you REMEMBER Captain N! I get too many blank stares when I talk about him normally… Come to think of it, Simon Belmont was in that show, but not an accurate representation of señor vampire killer in my opinion.


What about a Gears of War show. I imagine it being shot in the same gritty fashion as Children of Men, with long takes following characters as they battle the locust. The characters need some fleshing out but the drama associated with Sera being attacked and trying to find loved ones could be a very rewarding show. I would much rather it be on TV than a movie because TV allows for depth of character whereas a movie would just be shooting and action. Nevermind that sounds good, too.


Cole, that is awesome. Children of Men is an under appreciated movie and it’s style would lend itself well to Gears.


Ahahahahahaha A Castlevania show where he kills current TV/movie vampires. That is hilarious. The dude from Twilight could be the final boss. Man, that is entertainment.

*Here comes a confession* I’ve never played any of the Gears games but a dark, gritty, survivalist show like that would be pretty sweet. Haha, it’s funny that most of these shows would be horribly depressing. No one wants to make an educational kids show out of Super Mario Sunshine or something like that?

Justin G

Well, we could pitch it, but let me know how you think this would do:

Hey Kids! It’sa me! Mario! Imma goin’ aroun’ the islands witha’ me artificially intelligent wata hose, cleanin’ up all’a’da toxic paint residue. Thissa week, we’re a’ gonna’ talkabout properly recycling and storage techniques for latex versus oil-based paints .

Would that sell? Get a big following? Have even one iota of Awesomeness in it?

Super Mario Sunshine

There is no god.


Hahaha it somehow worked for Captain Planet. Maybe if we got LeVar Burton on board.


We have assembled some ideas that could change the very face of television. Vance McBeastman joining forces with Captain N to take down all of the pop culture versions of our favorite monsters. The only remaining question now is, how high will the bids for these shows go?


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