Sequence Gives RPG’s Some Rhythm


Begging for a streetalchemist dance.

We told you to play closer attention to Xbox Live Indie Games, and look what happened, you let a game like Sequence pass you by. What’s your excuse? Because we need one, too.

We’ve seen addictive puzzle games applied to successfully to RPG’s, so what’s next? Sequence adds rhythm gameplay that will have you tapping along on your d-pad DDR style to win a battle against fantastical creatures. Sequence also has the artwork and soundtrack chops that would make you think it was a full priced XBLA game. Not so!  Chances are you have enough leftover MS Points to drop the 240 needed to get the full version of this XBLIG standout after the free demo wins you over.

Sequence is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace


Iridium Game Studios