Diablo 3 Beta Coming 2011, Full Release Rumored to be Before 2111

I'll be out when I'm good and ready!!!!

Fans of Blizzard can expect two things from their favorite developer; great quality and extremely long development cycles. StarCraft players had to wait about 13 years for a sequel and it looks like Diablo junkies can expect the same BMV length wait time themselves.

Diablo 3 still does not have a launch date, but Blizzard’s Mike Morheime told PC Gamer that beta access would most likely be available in Q3 of 2011. He went on to say that quality would not be sacrificed in order to meet a deadline, which is a nice change of pace from the numerous highly anticipated but broken  games (and not just those on the PC) floating around.

I’m super pumped to fight off hordes of monsters with the undead magicical stylings of a Voodoo Priest, but I really can’t be too upset when a top notch name in the gaming industry wants to work out every single kink before the game is released.  I have enough backlogged games on my plate anyway, and I’m still waiting on patches to make most of those  playable.


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  1. Nathan (TheProphecy) Moses

    Ethan, its Witchdoctor dude, come on! Voodoo Priest? Do your homework! :)

  2. Ethan Moses

    Voodo Priest, Witchdoctor, it’s all the same isn’t it? Either way, zombies are involved so does it really matter who produces them?

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